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Vista Rainbar V4

Update V4.3 - 05/07/2008
- Added an installer (thanks to Legace), now installation of the sidebar is very easy
- Weather : Modified how do the sun appear (now when weather is "fair", you'll see a nice sun on the gadget)

Update V4.2 - 14/05/2008
- Weather : added moon phases, and edit how do the colour of the bottom change
- Calendar : Enhanced the gadget behaviour, and added a window to set the first day of the week (Monday or Sunday)
- RSS Feeds : Changed default skin, like the original one. You have to install Calibri Font to have a better look. I added it in folder "Fonts"

Update V4.1 - 14/04/2008
- Fixed bug on sidebar background if Rainmeter isn't installed on Windows's drive
- Added shadow under clock switches
- Enhanced calendar and weather gadget to look more like original sidebar
- Better background behaviour when mouse over

4th version of Rainbar, Vista Sidebar clone for Rainmeter, in english.

Don't forget to read carrefully the READ ME to install it.

New glass gadget gallery, new enhanced gadgets and new options. Hope you'll enjoy it.

Feel free to report bugs and mistakes, I'll try to solve it.

Thanks :

- fediaFedia [link] for his help, his ideas and his work

- halfwayglad [link] for some pictures

- Tone94 [link] for Media Player gadget

- Microsoft for original idea

Version française : [link]
© 2008 - 2021 Gavatx
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Weather Widget is not working.

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Looks pretty damn neat!
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Yo bro this Theme for XP or 7 or vista . please tell me ???
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I have Vista, but I like your Rainmeter clone better. Thanks for your work.
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How do you download this?
i am from iran\tehran
i want to see weather of tehran
what is zip code?
please help me
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thank you sooooo much
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Thank you very much for a great app for XP from Russia!
I have some suggestions for improving the program:
1) make a list of notes with headers and open them by double clicking with the ability to resize the note which was opened.
2) have the ability to switch the setting on the mail service the local outlook (in addition to g-mail)
3) have the ability make notes for each date on the calendar.
4) to switch between calendar months.
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this is just awesome. Now i can watch my desktop 24x7.
Great job! Congrats!!!!
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I'll test it on Windows 7 SP1 :P
Hey man! you did an amazing job, this sidebar is the most similar to the original vista, wow, but I wanna know when gonna be solved the problem about the wheather, because I wanna use this beautiful bar in my desk. Thanks if you read this petition!.
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is it posible to make it horizontal
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Stuck at 98% at installation.....
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Nice Vista Rainbar Thanks But I Have A Problem
When I Open The Weather Gadget Doesn't Work
The Weather Gadget Stayed No Data
And Also What's The Zip Code In Manila, Philippines

But I Appreciate Your Work Thank You!
problems faced by me:after playing a game at low res, the skin of rainbar gets permanently shifted from the side towards the centre? any suggestion? Also i'm not able to find any gadgets
how come the weather doesnt work?
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Can the email checker use the IMAP protocol, instead of POP3? In this way it could indicate the unread messages (I think).
Thank you
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I can't use the Mail checker, because when I click to Configuration address the notepads opens and the next error message appears: The system cannot find the path specified. Can you fix this error? Thank you
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