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By GAVade
Who's getting Dark Souls II?

I'll be on the PS3 version until the PC one hits Steam the weeks ahead.....

If anyone's up for a bit of jolly cooperation with Gav my PSN ID is GAV-ade

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I'm getting it so I can play with a friend, though I'm mid way through Tales of Symphonia Chronicles, too... D:
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I'll be waiting through the torment that is the coming 6 weeks or so.
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I'll be getting it on PC for sure, playing through Dark Souls one last time before it comes out
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I'm patiently waiting for the release on Friday over here.  I played the hell out of DS across all 3 platforms, tempted to go back to it to practice over the next few days but then again I kind of want the new experience to be fresh.

Dam can't wait!