Hey YOU! What you playing?

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By GAVade
Alien Isolation & GTA V myself....
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The Evil within & Metro last light <3 
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Drakensang online..? ^^

Mostly at the moment. Warcraft 2 as well.
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Dota 2 mainly. But I'm really too busy making games and interactive things to really play the bastards!
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The dragonage games,(getting ready for the third one!) lightning returns,(hey fun battle system) and for kicks skyrim.(cause skyrim)
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Tomb Raider / Assassin's Creed Brotherhood
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Don't Starve Together :D
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Mainly Dota 2 and some hearthstone, cs:go time to time. and indie games, all titles. recently The Fall.
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eyy there, where've you been? how's things went over there? :'u

some classics; doto2, csgo, borderlands 2, but I'd probably give a little more comment about borderlands since... I wanted to play pre-sequel co-op with my bro. D:
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Far too much Minecraft atm, getting reading to record a let's play of it for my friends youtube
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I want to LIVE in GTA V!
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