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Venom Snake

Hippocratic Madness....

Went a bit nuts listening to 'Nuclear' for a few hours....

PS CS3, Alchemy....

Metal Gear Solid © Konami Digital Entertainment . . . .
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We'll make diamonds from their ashes
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Take them into battle with us....
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A shining light to our brothers in arms, even in death
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We are Diamond Dogs
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Gav! Need you on Facebook buddy!!!
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Hey dude how's it going?
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This is quite lovely.
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That moment when you're photoshopping

and you suddenly put a song on repeat until you finish...…
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Hehe yeah its easy to get carried away, time can fly by!
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outstanding work as always!!!
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This is pretty badass.
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Aw GAVade! I was wondering where you were, with all this MGSV hype coming up! xD

Amazing job drawing of Big Boss from you, as always. Love the emphasis on the "horn".

If you have a twitter, you should totally tweet this to Kojima. ;)
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Heys!  Hehe its good to be back again :)

Yeah MGS V looks amazing, so can't wait till Tuesday!

Can't wait to free roam about on D Horse :)

I don't have a twitter, perhaps its time I got account!

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Great job! Good to see you back in action mate :D
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Hey dude yeah good to be back :)  Thanks.....
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