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By GAVade
Personnel work . . . .

Pencil, Ink painted over in PS . . . .
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i don know if you are into this type of music,but is somehow…
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I love the way you did the shading in this piece. Very detailed and clean.
There's good contrast between the areas of light and shadow. Definitely a nice work.
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yeah...TVtropes send me here too. i Like the Picture.
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Heh, TV tropes brought me here too. Very good job.
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Oh cool, cheers!
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TVTropes accidentally brought me here!

Awesome work! Awesome.
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Oh that's cool, thanks :)
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could i use this as a reference? and credit you for it?
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What do you have in mind?
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Nevermind lol i was going to put it in Photoshop and use the Cutout filter. Its for this band they want a logo and they asked me to design it. They are called The Drifters and i just loved your art piece. lol I dont think ill need it now, but if i do ill let you know ^_^
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I appreciate your interest in the image :)

However for any commercial use I strictly forbid it..........


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This is great work and I like the detail of the man. Is this sraight out pencil drawing or did you use a reference picture or did this man pose for you?
you have great skills with the media you use too.
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Reference used, photo, my own coat to go by....

Pencil, ink drawing (all those black lines), enhanced in PS with added scratches, additional details wit a bit of texture....

This is a great piece of work!
Each little detail makes a big difference!
Great job!
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Thanks a lot
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Reminds me of Max Payne, good work!
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Max rules, thanks a bunch....
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