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Heavenly . . . .

Been experimenting in Painter lately, really enjoying some of the oil brushes and blending techniques that can be done....

Dug out one of my old charcoal drawings I did back in Uni, and just went wild in Painter, adding the suggestive wings, binding together the old smudges with the new digital oil brush . . . .

Charcoal painted over in PS, Painter . . . .
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Wow, this is simply spectacular.
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great, your arts is awesome:)
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very nice:) as always amazing work:)
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Thanks a bunch :)
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wao~!you caught the feel so good!
i caught it now too~XD :+fav:
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Fantastic! I always enjoy your work!
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Thanks a lot....
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Thank you....
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Never used painter but I know it is very different from PS. Having said that your style has translated well in Painter and I can still see your name written all over this. Fav
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Thanks dude....

For myself Painter makes the lines a lot easier and visible, if you get a chance to try Painter go for it, great fun....

Quite scary how it emulates traditional techniques....
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So I have heard! I will have a go one day. I hear it is quite hard to use?
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Well so far I have used a grand total of 2 brushes, oil flat for drawing and oils smear to blend, push around the marks, so perhaps I'm not the best person to ask......

Though I do go back to PS to tighten up the images, so far I've been using Painter's oil tools to blend and pull up some extra markings I want to focus on....

Haven't done an illustration purely in Painter yet, but so far its a great tool to assist PS....

You have far more experience in painting digitally, so I can only imagine what you could do with a program like Painter under your tool belt, try out the demo!

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and you have painter too? I envy you
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I use Painter X, it's a great program, though I barely know how to use it ;)
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ah i see, same with me. I downloaded the trial, but i seemed to get very rough lines with my drawings. other peoples work had brush lines that were much smoother, don't know why this is. It has an impressive array of pens and brushes though :)
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When I use my tablet, it goes very rough with lots of intricate lines all over the place, I swap to my mouse and I have much cleaner, longer lines....
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that odd. I wonder why it does that?
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I heard it may be due to drivers for PS or Painter...........

Not sure why Alchemy does it.....
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