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Super Sesame Street Fighter Poster

Visit to by the poster (or the same art on a shirt, sticker, etc.:[link]
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Rad! This crossover give us too much for talk!
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Where is Fozzy Bear? He's not featured.
captainJthgamemaster's avatar
What  why is Elmo m bison
Blessranger's avatar
Guy Smiley + Vega = Vega Smiley
Betty Lou + Cammy = Cammy Lou
Snuffleupagus + Dee Jay = Snuffle Jay
Roosevelt Franklin + Fei Long = Frank-Long
Sam the Eagle + Thunder Hawk = Thunder Eagle
shadows-gmodstudios's avatar
that was the most funniest and uncomfortables moment i ever seen in my entire live
gavacho13's avatar
You're welcome and I'm sorry for both :)
shadows-gmodstudios's avatar
well its not really all characters like sakura or ibuki why dont you try ultra sesame street fighter 4
gavacho13's avatar
Maybe one of these days...
shadows-gmodstudios's avatar
its been one of those days
TwilightSparklebutt's avatar
I want Elmo saying "YES! YES!"
PrivateDoomsday's avatar
Well, it's official; this game should DEFINITELY exist! XD

I know that there's an actual fighting game, named "Sesame Street Fighter", and it's clearly meant to be a non-profit, over-the-top parody fighting game, with a unique twist; you have to SPELL OUT WORDS, in order to dominate the competition! While it wasn't executed perfectly, it's still not bad, for effort!
gavacho13's avatar
Yeah, I was pretty happy when I found out someone made that typing game, great idea IMO.
PrivateDoomsday's avatar
Indeed! Perhaps they should make an updated version, in the future! XD
wallbie's avatar
If Elmo is M. Bison, Abby Cadaby should be Rose from the Street Fighter Alpha series.  Zoe and Rosita can be Juni and Juli and well.  LOL

This is awesome.
theragonlord-d's avatar
OMG, that's is freaking awesome.
BlazingBlueflash's avatar
...This....this speaks to me. 

Off the wall ideas are this are always the best part of being on Deviantart. You've definitely made my night for making this. Great job! 
gavacho13's avatar
Thank you so much! It's always great to get positive comments like this from a complete stranger. It's people like you who balance out against the angry trolls who pollute the interwebz. Much appreciated.
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Oh my god! Cool!
Trey-Vore's avatar
That is some cool stuff there.
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:) glad you enjoy it!
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