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Sesame Street Fighter

By gavacho13
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Another entry in my Sesame Street Fighter series. This one features Beryu & Kernie together.

Next up in the series: Pig-Li

Visit to buy this art on clothing, stickers, etc.: [link]
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Gecko1993Hobbyist General Artist
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Totally digging the cross-over.  I see you have experience with your designs on clothing.  Did you know WeLoveFine is having a Sesame Street design contest?  There are some pretty sweet prizes.  You should check it out.…
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gavacho13Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, thanks so much for the heads-up on this contest, it looks like a lot of fun! Unfortunately the rules specifically state "NO MASH-UPS" but otherwise I would have loved to submit.

Thanks again!
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what if they found a chainsaw?
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Funny idea.
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nikbotxStudent Digital Artist
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library9Student Artisan Crafter
so funny!
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UltimateDemonBeast65Hobbyist Artist
Mega Fail!!!!!!! XD
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Oh jeeze, Romney better look out. :P
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xTheGypsyEsmeraldaxHobbyist General Artist
This looks so epic. I would totally play this if it was a game.
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gavacho13Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you! Yeah, that would be awesome if it was actually a playable game.
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snivy snivy snivy [Nice crossover dude]
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Found a design like this on RIPT Apparel. One of your works made it, I think.
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gavacho13Hobbyist General Artist
Ah, thanks for the heads up. Yes, this artist has done a design similar to mine, but they've done their own art work (not simply using/abusing mine), so I have no issue with it.

I appreciate you letting me know!
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Hahahahaha!... I'm an old-school Street Fighter fan and I really got a good chuckle out of this! Thanks for that and nice job.
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gavacho13Hobbyist General Artist
Glad you got a laugh! Always makes my day to hear that.
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wow. i can't even imagine if this game ever came out.
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gavacho13Hobbyist General Artist
You know, I think it would be really cool if somebody hacked Street Fighter IV and did this. I did texture/skin mods back when the game first came out, but I'm sure that changing the actual 3D models themselves would be much, much harder...
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to put the 3D models would be harder, i agree to that. what really amazing right now are the mugen gifs or the game itself, how the people make celebrities or superheroes never seen in a game come to life to have their own personas and moves.
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gavacho13Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, I've toyed around with the idea of modifying sprites and using MUGEN to make a Sesame Street Fighter game, but even that would be pretty darn time-consuming. I think MUGEN is one of the greatest things to ever happen, and I've messed around with sprites and such, so it's definitely something that could be done, but I'm just not quite that ambitious :)
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that's okay. but it would be still interesting if that ever happen later on. the crazy thing is, nobody knows who is the mastermind behind MUGEN and how that game came about.but i'll leave it as that because MUGEN is impressive to watch.
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AWW snap.
was looking for serious sf art saw your image, laughed my ass off. image has so much win. keep up the work its awesome.
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