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The Rape Of Islam by gaudog The Rape Of Islam by gaudog
Jihadi John, the Rapist of Islam. 
The most authentic thing about this photo are the shadows!…
I believe the experts more than some dude posting youtube videos on the internet. All of these ISIS videos (really made and put online by Rita Katz's SITE) are fraudulent.

I agree with the experts, these videos are hoaxes.……

That's definitely not Yukawa Haruna. The man paraded on this "ISIS" video (which is really from Rita Katz's SITE), does not have Japanese features, he looks like a Chinese man with too much badly done make-up in a cheap style with a cosmetic attempt to deceive those who haven't seen Yukawa Haruna's photos and videos before.

Yukawa Haruna was also already killed back in August last year (2014). He has been dead for months. He was executed as a "Japanese spy" in the middle of August 2014. There was video of his interrogation, and there were photos of his dead body posted online. This follows the pattern of all of these SITE videos; they only feature supposed "victims" who are already officially known as being long dead. James Foley was killed about a year before the first of these "Jihadi John" videos was posted online by SITE. The same use of chromakey screens, same style.
It's already been exposed that these fake beheading videos were produced by Rita Katz's SITE organisation though she continues to deny it. SITE was the source, not ISIS as they tried to lead everyone to believe, they admit putting up the videos but continue the unbelievable pretence that makes no logical sense;….

This is about SITE……

James Foley was also reported killed long before the video of his alleged "beheading" was released.…
OnlyTheGhosts Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2015
Yes, it's yet another war-mongering hoax trying to trick the Western public into going into yet another war to slaughter brown people.
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