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cat+archery! what could be better?))))
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Fantastic! Wonderful art!

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Haha ! Super cute
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It is very apparent that you either know a lot about different styles of archery, or you have some good references to work from.  These representations of different styles of archery are all very accurate.  And adorable.
itomiiAoi's avatar
It' s so cute and cool!
Emmi-Kat's avatar
Now cats can knock stuff over from long distance.
RobinSandza's avatar
You got an amazing talent :iconpinkballoonplz:
Horatok's avatar
awww you really got the spirit of japanese archery ! yay freaking cool work ! love it
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Привет! Классно, но мне кажется что мордочка у кошек короче и более тупая, а тут ближе к собечьей вытянутой. Лук японский) Стрелял - они слабее чем обычные спортивные, как то стрелял с такого а потом со своего классического с той же позиции - попал в стену и таааааааааакой рикошет получил, что стрелу уже на обратном излете ловил рукой не меняя позиции, жесть ваще)))
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Stop it what with your adorable art.  I said stop!
MathildasDoubel's avatar
this is cool. i really like the colouring. so soft!
tobys-brain's avatar
I love the chunky, milky paint quality going on here. And kyudo is just plain cool.
LisaGunnIllustration's avatar
Adorable! Very nicely done :)
Maidanezuu's avatar
I think the cat is gonna run after the catch it :))))
Nice piece tho!
Harkale-Linai's avatar
What could be better? Godzilla serving tea? Godzilla riding a bike, Godzilla painting his nails... anything with Godzilla in it! \o/
Shembre's avatar
Gorgeous lighting! :aww:
IvyHessil's avatar
not much can be better, I entirely agree
FaeBriona's avatar
What could be better?   A mouse ninja.    :D (Big Grin) 
Muzakki's avatar
It's a cat...
FaeBriona's avatar
This is, obviously - and it's also obviously not a ninja.
Reading Comprehension failure - try again.
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Nice! :D I love the shading. 
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