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brave shrimp

Never give up!)))
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Fight shrimpy fight!
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"I shall not go quietly into the night! I shall not perish without a fight! If I must die, let me die with honor! For the reefs! For the tides! For glory!"
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Fight these Humans, you can do it!
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Such a good painting and really cool concept too!
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This is so cute, I'm rooting for him
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Then someone picks a fork.
He's going to spin his chopstick, and disarm his attacker. He is the  Kung Fu Crustacean!
I love your work!
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Seems like it has been cooked already
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I hope he also protecc
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Mighty shrimp will not be a snack it will attack back 
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*deviant shrimp detected*
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The last great act of defiance...
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Just gotta let 'em go at that point
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They are just lulling them into a false sense of security until they can finish them off with the old one two punch :)

Fun Fact: the Mantis Shrimp can punch with the speed and kinetic energy of a bullet.

I saw a video of an octopus getting rekt because he attacked one of these tough little guys.

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I hope he wins.
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That's one tough shrimp! Given his colour, he has already been boiled! I'd let him get away, as he'd be too tough to eat.
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