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кит с лесом на спине
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Вспоминаю "Конька-Горбунка"... как там... Чудо-Юдо Рыба-Кит)))
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That's spectacular! I love whales! The thing must be huge! Or the grass on it is super tiny.
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Awesome painting / image--I did not see the scuba diver at first glance  Love a painting that tells a story---
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Creative idea!
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This scares me.
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ОЧень интересная идея для рисунка) и исполнено на высшем уровне! супер.
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i drew a city on a wale but its not nearly as cool as this!
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i love whales! The scuba diver adds a bit of confusion…nice touch! XD
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Great draw and idea i very like such ideas !
Поздоровляю Вас ! : )
(а ще якщо додати ко до лесом виходить кит с колесом на спине )) це звісно жарт , пробачте)
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It's so mysterious... Love it!
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Woah, I love the subtleness of this! The colour palette is perfect!
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Wow, that is a big whale!:wow:  Could you imagine actually being that close as it passed by?  Whoa!:w00t!:  Very nice evocation of the deep.=D
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This is why the word "EPIC" was created! Beautiful Art!Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Lovely Mode) [V6] Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Lovely Mode) [V6] Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Lovely Mode) [V6] 
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Interesting concept, oi!
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