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Spirit of war

дух войны
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Beautiful painting! I really love the bright orange of the spirit's clothing and all of those holes and tatters on it, as it still manages to look very serene!
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This.  Is.  Amazing. 
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Hi, I've given this piece a Feature over here ->… :)
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Love the design and use of colours ^^
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Cool, the design is very interesting,  love it!
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Абалденный арт! =)
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cant get over this one! the angles are rlly strong (if that makes sense lol)
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this is bloody beautiful you have my attention and i must see the rest of your gallery
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Pure unadulterated kickass.
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Very nice work...lights and colors are choosen very well...good picture....i like the softly kind of manipulation of the original stock
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Aaahh I love your art so much. :love:
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Эпичность какая! Я сижу и восторгаюсь!
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боже.. это потрясающе *_____*
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Это просто что-то невероятное... так прекрасно, что аж дух захватывает.
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Никогда не перестану фавать ваши работы, они очешуено несравнимы ни с чем Q_Q
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пасибо!))) 2 часа рисовала ноги! замотала в тряпочку) пойду кушать!
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