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Pegasus of the chariot of the gods

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Absolutely amazing!!!!!

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I like how the lighting that small space brings focus on everything going on. 
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Wow so cool =o !
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Yuuko Clapping Icon So fantastic! So awesome! GIF Adventure Time - Claps 
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Ohhh this is just breathtaking owo
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So touching! 
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It's easy to see how there's both fear from the Pegasus and the people! I bet Pegasus will get free!
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Wooow this is incredible.
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Jesus Christy.. oO I'll cry... It's so beautiful that I have no words to describe my reaction 
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WOW....... amazing.
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Holy Hell.... I /LOVE/ it??? The emotions, the mood, the attitudes, the colors and the light?? Hell yes! That's a moving piece
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This is such a gorgeous piece! :love:  (emotive, too :heart: )
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Amazing, so much story in this piece!
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god I LOVE how you painted the mane. I love it so much
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I feel bad for the pegasus, but this is still a really pretty art i any way! :)
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He/she may be strong enough to lift those comparatively small people off the ground.
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It's good to know that, seriously, i can finally sleep good now Llama Emoji 43 (Yawn) [V2] 
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Imagine sleeping with that powerhouse of a pegasus. Maybe held under his/her enormous lovely wings.
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This is beautiful; I love how you drew the wings. 

Hmm it seems like these greedy humans are about to invoke the wrath of the gods, treating their mount like that. 
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That's really pretty
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