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Europe and Zeus

...Европу, блистающую своей необыкновенной красотой среди своих подруг, увидел сын Крона - могучий громовержец Зевс, который, сразу влюбившись в неё, решил похитить девушку, превратившись в чудесного быка со сверкающей как золото шерстью. На лбу у него горело серебряное пятно, подобно сиянию луны, а золотые рога были изогнуты как молодой месяц....
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Wow, she's about to get a vagina-full.
Sorantheman's avatar
Didn't those two make love?
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definitely watching you. your use of colors and overall art is so impressive! I get this soft and warm feeling from it^_^
Whobleyh's avatar
There is this golden glow that gives it this whole godly feeling although the whole scene seems to be sculpted from earth and wetness of the sea.
Seems to underline the theme pefectly :D
CSA-FDoL's avatar
I know the myth, really a good work!
ariieve's avatar
this has got to be one of my favorites of yours.
MaiNona's avatar
I love the fairy tale feel your work has!
CheckeredPanda's avatar
wonderfully done. 
I can really feel the story here.
Laphroaigh's avatar
That's one majestic bull!
Yakovlev-vad's avatar
Просто фантастика))
longestdistance's avatar
Fantastic work, that subtle golden highlight on Zeus' horns is a nice little touch!
Kajenna's avatar
и синопсис почитали и как это происходило увидели
FrankiesBugs's avatar
You really did a great job in drawing the moment. Zeus/bull is so happy and noble at the same time.
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