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Eeeppp.... School starts tomorrow!! My nerves are starting to kick in; so not good!

Anywho; sorry for being missing for a week or so, might not be online as often due to the impending new semester -sighness- I just came back from a looonnnggg 16 hour flight back to Los Angeles, and I'm having such a dreadful jet lag! Noooo-ness!!

I'm currently in the process of a few dolls, would like to just list them out so I can kinda record a progress work:

  • Model Dolls for Catwalk Forum

  • Audition Entry for Little Miss Pixel

  • Base for Project Originality

  • More Melrose Pose & Skin tones

  • More random Melrose dolls

So my very rapidly put together to-do dolling list! Hee~ I'm tempted to head down to USC tomorrow and note down in my little notebook all the new people I've met, so I can doll them out just for the fun of it.

So that's all the update I have now.
Hope everyone is healthy and kicking! Keep in touch!

P.S: I've been seeing lots of amazing amazing dolls on my Melrose Base! -screams- Thank you! I'm so glad people are using that, and base of the month in 2 places! Whoohoo~
Please do send me a link of your work if you use the base, I'd love to go over and ogle over them!

Amazing People
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I've never used the journal feature of dA before and I thought i'd give it a shot -- partly because I was online last night and caught sight of a scene that made be really proud:…
(A link out cause non-subscribers can't add images)

Yay~ I've just received 1000 views; wow, I mean wow... 1000 people have viewed my art, alright, maybe 999 and that last person being me. But that's a lot of people and I'm really grateful and thankful. When I started dolling a few months back, I thought I'd probably get bored of this by the 2nd month; but I stayed on and I like to think I'm improving as I meet more wonderful artist from the community.

I treat this art form seriously, and I'd like to improve and really grow in this; I feel not many people share the same views since well, dolling doesn't bring in much dough... hee. I think we deserve an amount of respect for the patience and time we've put into this art, whether we're tool shaders, pixel shaders or those that fall in the grey area of using both. So be proud fellow dollers! You guys earned it

Anywho; I'm still unsure of using the journal feature, but I do know how to link out to people. So, please visit these very talented artist who have helped me out, given me inspiration or just are too darn amazing
(If I missed out anyone; it's just cause I suck!)

:iconabzdragon: :iconbeblue::iconbitterkawaii: :iconchama: :iconchocotini: :iconclandestiny: :iconheartsdesire-fantasy: :iconladyhazy: :iconlaithwen: :iconnicolabear: :iconpackagedbliss: :iconpathetic-krypton: :iconfionacreates: :iconsuspicioushat: :iconzipple:

To all my watchers and those you fav my work -- I really appreciate it; your support is amazing!