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FEMALE 347 [Auction] [CLOSED]

I hope she will find new home <3 [Please SERIOUS BIDDER only]
Don't cancel your bid. No fake bids. Only place bids if you have points or money ready.
Please understand this is the main source of my income. Thank you!!

Starting bid $40 / 4000Points
Bidding Increments $5 / 500Points
AB 1: $110 /11000 Points
AB 2: $170 / 17000 Points (come with an extra Fullbody color in the outfit)
for AB 2 you can request me to change the color for you and make their lower outfit like you want

Owner : Vashtor4905@ FA
Closing date 24 hours after latest bids!

1. I'll give you the unmarked / full size version upon purchase.
2. you can edit/change/remove some parts, like color etc
3. Do not claim as the original design as your own.
4. You can resell the adoptable if you didn't want it anymore for THE SAME PRICE you bought it.
5. Please wait for me to confirm your ownership before paying me.
6. Please bid at the 'BID HERE' (reply to the last bidder please XD )
7. Please take care and love her >w<
Art n Design by :icongattoshou: / :icongattoadopts:
Thank youuu <3
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soo pretty ❤️❤️
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ur welcome 💞💞
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(reply to the last bidder )

thank you <33

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sb by Vashtor4905@ FA <3

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I'm sorry, outbid by AB2 by Vashtor4905@ FA <3

thank you so much for interested ^^

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