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Wonder Woman Day 2008

Wonder Woman Day 2008 Auction Piece
11 x 15
Copic Markers
Bristol board


The online bidding will run from October 19th to Saturday the 25th at midnight.
At that point, all bids will be sealed and transferred to the store only.
Onsite bidders can outbid the online bidders if they choose to.
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Thank you for sharing your lovely art, it's featured on my dA journal! [link]
Happy Independence Day!
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Beautiful work! : )
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This is a masterful piece of art. I love the pose and look of seriousness.
Awesome costume and great touch with the sword.:heart:
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And thats how Wonder Woman should be... Huge, Buffed and bigger than Supes. Great Amazon (:
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Very majestic :)
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She has her skirt! That's just awesome.
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Thefreman is right! This is a perfect rendering of Wonder Woman, strong, powerful, but still with an aura of grace and compassion.
The way you've drawn her perfectly captures her personality, someone who is willing to fight long and hard, but who doesn't ever go looking for such a battle.
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In all honesty this depiction of the character captures the character better than the last few artists they've had work on her books.
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Very nice, love the posture and how she actually looks like she has real muscles.
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thanks.. i like real ones as instead of magic ones
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love the pose and colors.. great piece man :nod:
Awesome. She looks pretty tough.
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Love that sword! And her hair! That's Herbal Essence hair for you! XD
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Magnificent work! :)
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awesome, Cat!
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excellent version!
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