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Darth Vader

Darth Vader

11" x 17" gatorboard

Airbrush acrylic and colored pencils<br.

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In my times, Darth Vader was a Symbol of fear and respect, if the children disrespected you, you say them that you were would call the star troopers to take them away for an audience with Darth Vader, and they immediatly implored your forgiveness.
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He looks really mad about something! I sure wouldn't to get on the wrong side of him! What's happened this time? Let me guess; those rebels escaped again!
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If you only knew the power of the darkside!
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Wasn't this when he became Mr. Darth Vader? After he killed Padme?
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Darth vader is such an iconic villain
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Nice work! I love how rich the colors are and the details of his suit! Darth Vader is my favorite villain from Star Wars. :)
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After seeing The Force Awakens, I began to see Anakin/Vader in a different way. Anakin never wanted to be evil, he wanted to fulfill the destiny the Force had in store for him, but he thought the only way he could do that was through power at the expense of love. And when he turned into Vader, he thought that being a Sith was his own punishment. It was only by saving his son at the cost of his own life that Anakin was able to atone for his evil deeds and become the hero the galaxy needed him to be. In the end, Anakin got what he wanted, even if he got it in a particularly tragic way.
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we hav cookehs :D
The Force is strong in you, but you are not a Jedi yet.
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If you only knew the power of the Dark Side !!
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Together we'll end this conflict and bring order to the galaxy ..... 
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He's an iconic villain.
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What did this to him?!
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Awesome, One of my favorite Sith lords!!!!! :D
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You look stressed Vader,you appear to be in pain,you need a vacation
here,take a trip on my train
I mean you leading an army of white men?
Even you mic skills still aren't fully operational.
You got one bitch pregnant then gave in to the hate
now you're 6'6 and black but cant get a date.
Lightsaber?you need a Life Saver,use some of your force to fix your fucking respirator
you think your powerful with your finger neck pinches?
You couldn't ever get your own son into the family business!
Everything you do is an epic fail,now stand at attention
and Sieg fucking Heil!
Whats wrong Ani?Cant take any more?
Not surprising coming from the Emperors whore!
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Epic rap battles of history? Adolf Hitler vs Darth Vader? Niiice...
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Epic fist clench is epic! Dayum! Dayum! Dayum!!! ( Darth Vader is goin' h.a.m. xD) I'm so caucasian! lol
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Luke...I am your father....
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