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DC Legacy: Wonder Woman

5" x 7" Sketch Card
Copic Markers/White acrylic and gel pen

DC Legacy Sketch Card Case Incentives
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Pauly41's avatar
very, very nice...i may have had one too many energy drinks today, but at that angle she almost looks a little Sigourney Weaverish...aka Aliens! Keep up the fantastic work.
gattadonna's avatar may want to start cutting back
Pauly41's avatar are right..i will
jyejyebinks's avatar
her face reminds me a bit of Sigourmy Weaver... or however you spell it, the one from Alien
CaptainAmericaShield's avatar
*theme song* Wonder Woman! lol sweet pose
i agree, it does look like sigourney weaver... only MUCH hotter... great work on this and all the DC legacy stuff...
godstaboy's avatar
Sonic1002's avatar
did you use Sigorney Weaver for the basis of the face?
gattadonna's avatar
nope.. I avoid using recognizable faces as reference unless required or requested
Sonic1002's avatar
okay, tht makes sense... it just looked a lot like her XD
cjade's avatar
Awesome. A picture of Wonder Woman that doesn't make her into a cliche "big boobs, tiny waist, big booty" female superhero. It's about time someone made her look like the amazon that she is.

Great job. :)
FictionArtwing's avatar
Strong and pretty! :thumbsup:
TimTinhNguyen's avatar
cool, i like how she extends out of the card. great job!
thawk's avatar
Very strong and heroic pose. I likes!!!
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