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11 x 14
Copic Marker/ colored pencil
Bristol vellum

WonderCon pick up
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© 2011 - 2021 gattadonna
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Nice noir style!
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panel 1:*woosh*
panel 2:shoots out baterang and hooks onto this picture.
panel 3:steals picture
panel 4:adds to favorites
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Beautiful Work! :ahoy:
thesavagekyle's avatar
wunderwolfer's avatar
Wonderful. I love it when Batwoman is all dark and sinister.
kariplanet's avatar
Wow, really cool! Good job
saturnword's avatar
Beautifully done.
callacurt's avatar
Fantastic rendition.
justblah's avatar
finally! a non stereotypical sexy batwoman! ive always thought that batwoman should be as sinister as batman! i meen he is always in the shadow and the prupouse of the batman is to get villains to fear him before they even start fighting! you portraid that perfectly here with!

she's not cute, an she's rather frightening!
she looks like she will mess you up haha!
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You're quite possibly one of my favorite artists, especially so on dA. You have a remarkable talent for DC/Marvel, and I particularly love how you've done Kate here. Fantastic. :)
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Whoaaaaa. This is creepy cool.
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Wow. That is beautiful.
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I just wet myself out of fright.

Kudos =D
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*hand jbird18 a towel*
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