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Pastel by GatsuPlayzMc Pastel :icongatsuplayzmc:GatsuPlayzMc 2 1 Pride/Red string by GatsuPlayzMc Pride/Red string :icongatsuplayzmc:GatsuPlayzMc 1 0 Random person I made by GatsuPlayzMc Random person I made :icongatsuplayzmc:GatsuPlayzMc 2 0 Fuji Domo redraw by GatsuPlayzMc Fuji Domo redraw :icongatsuplayzmc:GatsuPlayzMc 1 0 Hello World!  by GatsuPlayzMc Hello World! :icongatsuplayzmc:GatsuPlayzMc 1 0 Sydney Ironshard by GatsuPlayzMc Sydney Ironshard :icongatsuplayzmc:GatsuPlayzMc 0 0 Girl with short hair by GatsuPlayzMc Girl with short hair :icongatsuplayzmc:GatsuPlayzMc 2 0 Character I redrew by GatsuPlayzMc Character I redrew :icongatsuplayzmc:GatsuPlayzMc 3 0 Random boy I drew by GatsuPlayzMc
Mature content
Random boy I drew :icongatsuplayzmc:GatsuPlayzMc 1 0
Idek by GatsuPlayzMc Idek :icongatsuplayzmc:GatsuPlayzMc 2 0 My drawing by GatsuPlayzMc My drawing :icongatsuplayzmc:GatsuPlayzMc 2 0 JaidenAnimations Drawing by GatsuPlayzMc JaidenAnimations Drawing :icongatsuplayzmc:GatsuPlayzMc 3 0 Name is Veronica, Rest of the body is in bio by GatsuPlayzMc Name is Veronica, Rest of the body is in bio :icongatsuplayzmc:GatsuPlayzMc 1 0 My-style Couple by GatsuPlayzMc My-style Couple :icongatsuplayzmc:GatsuPlayzMc 1 0 I drew asuna by GatsuPlayzMc I drew asuna :icongatsuplayzmc:GatsuPlayzMc 3 0 Me as a korean by GatsuPlayzMc Me as a korean :icongatsuplayzmc:GatsuPlayzMc 2 1




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Maxine Smith
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
|Single❤️ |Taken| Engaged | Married |

(Im a huge nerd and has no life cause :P yeah xD
Profile picture: Made by my friend Mego (if I find her devianart or she tells me I shall put her info here)


This is my online persona! Her name is Pastel because this is sometimes what people know me as. 
Pride/Red string
I know I'm pretty early being as It's in June, But being myself I like proving my sexuality to people, I'm bi, and I'm a demigirl, which takes longer to explain. I've always loved LGBTQ+ stuff, makes me feel special. 
Fuji Domo redraw
WHOA i redrew something again, cool.
I added the pants because I draw people standing up and I didn't know what Fuji's pants looked like so PFT
Hello World!
I drew a character I play on roblox but I was too lazy to import the photo I took of her, She has a little bits of tweeks due to the fact I can't do camoflauge (My dad is not proud of me, oof)
Sydney Ironshard
I'm sick today, So before I left school early I made a drawing called Sydney Ironshard, she was amazing. 
This is the digital version of her. I don't know where the real life drawings of her are. 
Girl with short hair
lol i don't know, I don't have any ideas besides this one, it's pretty cute
I was feeling creative today, but I hope you enjoy it! Also it's for a free drawing thing on youtube I wanna enter so xD
Name: Maxine Reyes
age: 16
eye color: dark blue and grey
favorite color: red & green
personality: loner, tomboy, sensitive, weird, shy, clumsy
height: 6'3"
parents: unknown
backstory: has lived with her aunt since she was 5 years old, started getting bullied because she was smarter than the average 5 year old, skipped 2 grades, depression hit her at age 10, never had friends except one, Julie. 
clothes: red and black stripped shirt, ripped jeans and a necklace her mother left her.
favorite music: hip hop & rap
hobby(s): draws in her spare time, dances, sings, goes on the internet
nickname(s): Maxy, Max
sexuality: straight
JaidenAnimations Drawing
So I actually tried this time, I actually put this in for fanart. I love jaiden animations and she's like my favorite animator. 
I hope you like it 
Name is Veronica, Rest of the body is in bio
Gender: Female 
Full name: Veronica Lynn Hayes
Nickname(s): Vic, Nerd (From bullies)
Species: Human/Wizard
Age: 17 1/2
Birthday: April 1st
Sexuality: Bisexual
Religions: None
Languages: English, German & Italian
Native language: Italian
Relationship: Single/It's complicated
Parents: Unknown
Physical Appearance
Height: 5'10
Eye color: Dark blue/Sky blue
Body type: Curvy
Clothes: Red sweatshirt, Ripped black jeans, Converse hightops
Hair: Put in braids with yellow ponytails. 
Personality: Tomboyish, Shy, Sweet, (Very) sensitive, Gets angry easily but friendly
Likes: Anime, Cute boys & girls, Drawing, Music, Youtube, YOI (Yuri!!! On ice), Video games
Favorite color: Green
Favorite console: Pc/PS4
Dislikes: Bullies, Stick-ups, Harry Potter (Because It's really not how it goes as a wizard -shrugs- I just made this up), Fake friends, Bad music
Music taste: Pop, Hip hop, Slightly emo music

Talents/Skills: Being able to type fast, Being able to beat boys at video games, Drawing, Singing 

If you have any other questions about this character (Or want me to draw a full body picture of her) Please comment!
Unnamed (1) by GatsuPlayzMc Unnamed (2) by GatsuPlayzMc Unnamed (3) by GatsuPlayzMc Unnamed (4) by GatsuPlayzMc Kittyisnotanonymous by GatsuPlayzMc

For those people who are on my list, I love you guys more than
the world! I would die for you all! Hug Love 
You guys are my favorite people! I trust you guys!


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