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Collection of Poems
God of Destruction:
And so, the God of Destruction hath said to the Earth,
"For you humanity, are incompetent, ruthless and ugly from birth,
"I shall bring down the storm of blue and black,
"For you have no chance of redemption, nor turning back."
Non congitas quis ego sum.
Putas, qui non fui.
Et ego non sum quis putas est.
Sed non me tibi.
Non meis.
Non miserere mei Nihil est nisi mortis et vitae.
Red nigrum campie murosque inquinavi.
Sola purpuras esse dominans omnes colores.
:icongatoroidrage:GatoroidRage 2 0
.:Two Years of the Hellfire:. by GatoroidRage .:Two Years of the Hellfire:. :icongatoroidrage:GatoroidRage 6 23 .:D-Tear:. by GatoroidRage .:D-Tear:. :icongatoroidrage:GatoroidRage 3 4 excuse me by GatoroidRage excuse me :icongatoroidrage:GatoroidRage 5 15 excuse me by GatoroidRage excuse me :icongatoroidrage:GatoroidRage 5 1
KF Blooper reel
If I offend anyone here, I'm sorry.
Also, each one will happen either on-set or off-set.
Also, I failed at being a comedian.
Have fun and mock me.
Mother Ghidorah: ...I forgot my line.
Xenilla laughs with others in the background.
Xenilla: ...we were normal people back then...
Owen: *Offscreen* NO YOU WERE NOT!
Seth: BWAHA-
Mother Ghidorah: ...I wouldn't be more-
CJ: *Offscreen* That's not what you're supposed to say!
Mother Ghidorah: Oh, dammit.
She laughed.
Mother Ghidorah: I can’t believe that Bagan convinced our little Burusu to join him! Where did we go wrong!?
Ben: *Offscreen* I'm happily obliged to say that you were irresponsible little shits!
Busuru: *Offscren* AHAHAHAHA!
Xenilla: WHAT!? B-b-but bro!......*Snorts*
Zaheer: *Offscreen* Why would you ever-
Seth: Have you seen that scene? In Infinity War? Spider-Man-
Seth: I swear to god-
Ben tried
:icongatoroidrage:GatoroidRage 6 10
Ghidorah's head by GatoroidRage Ghidorah's head :icongatoroidrage:GatoroidRage 3 3 First post in a while. by GatoroidRage First post in a while. :icongatoroidrage:GatoroidRage 2 0 I want to die by GatoroidRage I want to die :icongatoroidrage:GatoroidRage 2 4
Google Translates Pyromania
...welp, shit. I just played roulette with languages and here we are. Time for cringe.
Fire eager to solve
It does not live in my own join together, to prevent bubbles.
It is required to illuminate with the light of the light.
I'm a great name and allow love.
Up your ass for the night.
Can you think?
We give a firefighter make your journey?
Podzhigatel, its time to die.
Only dead will not talk!
Pyromania, I, my friend!
And its nice for everyone!
Its Pymoanana and difficulties?
If you call out for insight, to get some clothes?
(For 10-fold equipment)
I'm worms and wild animals.
Those who promise themselves to break trying to kill me.
In recent years she has made 1 Rom!
At the time, I ask you to blow?
I, too, will have many friends.
Shadirah, Ben, 101, Atari, Mothra and the bracket full.
If a child f**k me?
Then its not better to leave and go to avoid them?
Pyromania, will I be your fire?
And not just that, is the help, and will I light in your heart?
I've star
:icongatoroidrage:GatoroidRage 3 2
This monstrosity... by GatoroidRage This monstrosity... :icongatoroidrage:GatoroidRage 1 42 My Anniversary by GatoroidRage My Anniversary :icongatoroidrage:GatoroidRage 0 5 i swear to god- by GatoroidRage i swear to god- :icongatoroidrage:GatoroidRage 2 24 Another stolen one by GatoroidRage Another stolen one :icongatoroidrage:GatoroidRage 2 21 Stolen by GatoroidRage Stolen :icongatoroidrage:GatoroidRage 1 23 Wabbit by GatoroidRage Wabbit :icongatoroidrage:GatoroidRage 4 19


Izzy Wants Out by Zander-The-Artist Izzy Wants Out :iconzander-the-artist:Zander-The-Artist 139 53 Rebuild of Godzilla: The Hunting by Daizua123 Rebuild of Godzilla: The Hunting :icondaizua123:Daizua123 28 26 Rebuild of Godzilla: The Evolution by Daizua123 Rebuild of Godzilla: The Evolution :icondaizua123:Daizua123 28 23 Meltan by DarkrexS Meltan :icondarkrexs:DarkrexS 65 4 Nemesis by Pyrus-Leonidas Nemesis :iconpyrus-leonidas:Pyrus-Leonidas 167 121 Rebuild of Godzilla: The Avatars by Daizua123 Rebuild of Godzilla: The Avatars :icondaizua123:Daizua123 32 11 py and poppy are real dumb and i love them by marreeps py and poppy are real dumb and i love them :iconmarreeps:marreeps 3,663 75 Life by Kuku-ri Life :iconkuku-ri:Kuku-ri 290 36 Death by Kuku-ri Death :iconkuku-ri:Kuku-ri 179 12 Till the time this world reaches its end by GryAdventures Till the time this world reaches its end :icongryadventures:GryAdventures 1,166 21 Sink down to bottom, burn down in the depths! by GryAdventures Sink down to bottom, burn down in the depths! :icongryadventures:GryAdventures 1,700 19 Rebuild of Godzilla: The Severing by Daizua123 Rebuild of Godzilla: The Severing :icondaizua123:Daizua123 30 21 Rebuild of Godzilla: The Awakening by Daizua123 Rebuild of Godzilla: The Awakening :icondaizua123:Daizua123 26 43 Rebuild of Godzilla: The Uprising by Daizua123 Rebuild of Godzilla: The Uprising :icondaizua123:Daizua123 33 25 Rebuild of Godzilla: The Endgame by Daizua123 Rebuild of Godzilla: The Endgame :icondaizua123:Daizua123 44 55 Sketch Dump 4 by KarlaDraws14 Sketch Dump 4 :iconkarladraws14:KarlaDraws14 439 46



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GatoroidRage's Profile Picture
Seth Renova
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Hi there

Theme: Starlight - Starset


Personality: Wise (Not really lol), Kind (Sometimes.), Comedic (???)
Birthday: 8 December
Pros: Likes to roleplay, movie and game fanatic, b-movie fan, listens to songs alot, loves friends, mature sometimes, prefers to read DA stories more than on, FILM THEORY FAN, complete overall theory maker. (Shown only once, so I don't know if I can do it again.)
Cons: COMPLETE INTROVERT, anti-social, lacks motivation, stressed out sometimes, has a real name instead of "Seth Renova" but never shows it, REALLY sarcastic, silent, immature sometimes, pretty dumb sometimes.
Zodiac: Saggittarius
Chinese zodiac: Monkey

"Don't count on me to save your ass if its your problem, so fix that yourself."

Other sites:

Discord: #3657 GatoroidRage

Art Status:

Requests: Friends only
Commissions: Open
Art Trades: Closed

If you want to see my former glory, click here:


Personal fact: On one of my days, I would often eat slower than usual if the food is disappointing. And even more, I actually start to suffer from eating it since I chew slower.
Rest in peace, Stan Lee. You'll be remembered in our hearts.
Anime trope:

The villain's monster is the coolest-looking but it's the weakest while the hero's monster is the lamest-looking but it's the strongest.
Let's see how many people I can trigger.


Bagan is overrated.

I just thought of a Host/Gyo series after discussing it with others in Amino.

Here's the plot:

"Used in war, the "Host" was a destructive weapon after Korea's waters had been polluted due to China's wastes.

A hybrid of fish, amphibian and human, this hyper-intelligent mutant was able to ravage everything as long as it is under control of the humans.

But they should learn not to play God as it manages to escape their mind control. It escaped Hakiori Labs, and from Japan's Threat Neutralization Defense Force (JTNDF).

To combat the monster should it return, they made cyborg fish to counteract while increasing their intelligence and instincts.

But they soon learn that it backfires as the "Host" had evolved over the course of 19 years (2037).

Now as the new queen, the "Host", now given the codename that is kept classified, wages war and plans enslavement unto humanity as the world struggles how to fight their monsters."

What do you guys think? Should I do it?

Also look up The Host or Gyo if you haven't heard either yet.
"A Seven Nation Army won't hold me down." that I haven't done anything kaiju-related lately, which one of these do you want me to do?

Godzilla: Ancient Wars (Continuation)
Godzilla: World Order (NEW/(RP) SERIES)
Godzilla: Glass and Lavender Sky (NEW/SERIES)
Godzilla: Age of Dragons (NEW/SERIES)
Godzilla: World Destruction (NEW/SERIES)
Godzilla: Judecca Prison (NEW/SERIES)
Godzilla: Son of Sobek (NEW/SERIES)
Mothra: Senbonzakura (NEW/SERIES)
Hey bronies and ponies. You know Storm King from the MLP Movie right?

I'm gonna call him Raiju from now on.

*Gets pelted with vegetables*

I don't like calling out people, but there are times where you have to.

<da:thumb id="7430999270062429"/>
<da:thumb id="2667051364352461"/>

(View them for better seeing.)

Dinossword and khezuknight345. I'm sorry. But I have to.

Khezu, I can understand your opinion, but you don't have to rant about it, harshly or not. I do not fucking care whether it nullifies your opinion or not, Daizua's Godzilla/kaiju designs DO NOT RESEMBLE RAPTORS OF ANY KIND. He just based them off the Godzilla Neo design made by Matt. And you say they resemble raptors. I'm sorry, but you're really fucking uneducated. While he had no trouble designing EndoGoji, he might had a hard time doing his other Godzilla designs. So please, kindly FUCK YOURSELF and STOP THINKING THEY RESEMBLE RAPTORS. It really sickens me. Take a look at UnmeiGoji and the new EndoGoji. Do they look like raptors? Absolutely fucking not. So please, shut the fuck up and stop having that mindset, or you can get the fuck out and never return. AND DO NOT CALL OUT TO SOMEONE! It's really rude. And do not insult someone just because they defend someone.

As for you Dino, I don't know what to say. You're in the clear, but even you are not under my damn mercy. Your responses are awfully rude to me. I appreciate you defending Daizua, but still. You could've just simply ignored Khezu's opinion and commentary, had I not called him out. Yet, you still decided to respond? How foolish. Just don't even try to start this again by responding to a critic or opinion or whatever the fuck they are. Just. Don't. And don't attack with facts if they're really ignorant. Just leave them and let them get the fuck out.

Is there weren't any good points here, then sorry, but I'm not editing this unless I have to.

Again, I apologize deeply for this. But if this happens again, I'm blocking either or both of you. You better implant this in your mind or else.

If you happened to be angry at this, I suggest calming down and rest for a while or listen to peaceful music.
  • Listening to: Tsukiyo no Ongakukai - LPABP
  • Watching: Underpants - Sr Pelo



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