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What happens if you drink it

Hey here's my dead by daylight fanart no one asked for
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This makes me want to have a character in dead by daylight for each of the tinr and boyfriend to death characters.

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Awesome! Your poses are always so dynamic and this is such a good game.

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I don't play Dead By Daylight but this awesome masterpiece is making me want to get into it!!! Also I don't want to sound like a bother to you but I'm currently making a visual Novel and you have tremendously inspired me on both that and my stories as a whole!! I'm really glad to have found your work; I have this one character in particular and he's in one of the routes as a secret but he's psycho..And I was wondering if it would be fine to use your health bar idea in it. If so, would you be willing to give me some tips (If you agree I'm not asking for a tutorial or anything just a little guidance) But anyways thank you! I appreciate your art keep working hard, and stay safe!!!! #Artistgrind2020

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what do you use for your digital drawing? :)
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I use Photoshop CC X'D I wouldn't recommend it though, it's not really made for art and there are much better and cheaper programs out there [ I'm just very used to using photoshop and dont want to learn something new because I'm lazy ]
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i understand that, friend :)

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Oooh! You should try using Medibang Paint! I really enjoy it and have been using it for years. Personally it's wayyy more easier than Sai. (But maybe that's because I'm slow XD )

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we are all slow in our own way :) thank you for the suggestion!
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Oh crap! Run!
Considering the effect in game, it probably leads to a lot of horrific stomach pain and prolonged illness. Good job on the pic! Hope to see more DBD stuff it's really neat to think of how things happen in that universe.
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Dang, you did so great!! The struggle looks real!!
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Yo thanks man!!!
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WHOAH! that's a LOT of detail in her clothing
I applaud you for your patience
and awesome work on the liquid (whatever it may be) it looks so fluid!!
This is so AWESOME
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oh man, Kate's shirt really was a nightmare, THANK YOU XD
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Poor Kate that grape juice probably tastes terrible XD
This is so good! well done!
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Thank you! ^o^
i love this
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Thank you! ;0;
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Yooo fuck yeah!!! Good to see this dude gettin some rad ass fanart!!! 
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