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TINR 2020

I wanted to try redrawing my old comic characters in my current art style. It was a challenge! [ left to right, Sid, Raven, Farz ]
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Oof, these babies... This is really cool to see. I think redrawing old characters is a great way to showcase your improvement to, not only your watchers, but also yourself.

Have you ever thought about perhaps redrawing some of the pages from TINR? Like maybe the ones you were super proud of or not too keen on?

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It would definitely de an interesting exercise, but these days I have to use all my drawing time to make art for my next game! Maybe when I'm eventually free again :3c

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Oh dude, I am so fucking stoked for that. I know all about it. ❤

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I'm so glad to see these characters again!!

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fuck I love that "live slow die whenever" thanks sid

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I have a real life tshirt like that, it's losing all the paint off the print because i wear it too much
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if i had a shirt like that id wear it all the time too to be honest

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I feel like this is one of those moments when Sid's proposing a really bad idea, and the other two just...know it's gonna end badly.

Sid: Hey, I got an idea....
Raven: You're a fucking dumbass.
Farz: Sid, no.
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oh definitely
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I haven't seen him since ... I dont remember XD

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i like how you manage to make sid look nasty and attractive at the same time
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that's my specialty :) LMAO
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