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Self Portrait of An Idiot

I'm gonna dump this on DA because I don't have time to complete it LMAO

Also, if I have any new followers on here, I'm sorry that I'm never around and I barely answer anything. I have too many social media accounts and I'm too boomer to understand how the new DA works half of the time x'D

I don't take commissions any more because I'm busy making a new game >:3c
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OOH! New game? What's it like?

Woah. The artist is art!

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I found BTD not too long ago, just as a fun time for me and my friend. We then played the second, and by that time I had come across your social media. I ended up really loving your art. Your composition is on point, and the way your use colors is extremely satisfying to the eye. You're fantastic at bringing motion to the people you're drawing.

I'm super glad to see you post on here. Don't worry about balancing all your accounts out, I'm sure you'll get followed wherever you go because you're very talented.

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Ooooh a new game~? Excited!! Ah and you look adorable in your own style hun, no worries about the too many accounts thing i think every artist has too many to really deal with lol!