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Project Evolution - Full Set

Project evolution is complete! The entire set will be up for auction for the next week only.

If you have any questions about the set, please feel free to comment or message me.

If the entire set does not get any bids during the next week, I will split it up and list the medallions individually in my etsy shop.

This will be the ONLY chance to have the entire handmade set of sculptures <3

If you're interested in bidding, go here! - > [link]

[ Espeon and Umbreon are in my gallery separately as well, I just can't have more than 6 thumbs in a description. ]

photo by ~AwesomeNeko
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you can totally sell these at an anime convention.
kanaya2529's avatar
Really amazing ! They are beautiful ! I hope someday I'll be able to do something beautiful like that .
ingster's avatar
Know what would be a good idea? Doing this same thing but replace the circle with a D20 that fits each eeveelution :3
Maeve1213's avatar
Wow beautiful!
EmeraldBreeze700's avatar
So beautiful and cute!!! :D
KaijuClayCreations's avatar
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very cute and well made C: what do you make them out of?
Gatobob's avatar
those were made from super sculpy and acrylic paint :D
pr0theanpunk's avatar
cool, thank you!
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Umbreon looks amazing omg
LunaTheNightFury's avatar
Ohmygoodness they are incredible! You are so talented!
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Absolutely amazing!
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Your skill is very admirable. Well done!
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Thank you very much <3
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You're welcome ^_^
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These are so awesome. I have a Slyveon now, whenever I stroke it on PokémonAmie my dog thinks I've got a squeeky toy! XD
MrsKatieNance2010's avatar
Do you randomly make and sell these? If so, I'd really like to get them :) if not all, then just the Flareon
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Sure, I take commissions!

Here's the info - >…

my commissions are currently closed, but I'm opening again on May 4th :)
MrsKatieNance2010's avatar
Okay awesome! If it's all the same with you, I'd like to go ahead and send you a message so I don't forget. On your page of course. Thank you!
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