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Blighted Legion

BHVR said no blighted Legion skin this year so I blighted Frank myself
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Pardon my French but this is fucking amazing. I don't play DBD personally since my computer is stupid, but my gf loves the game... Really like Legion as a character and you've just made them even better. <3

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I think this would've been so much better than what they gave us this year !!! Oh this is so pretty

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This would be so COOL

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Incredible as usual

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Nice vibe here!

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Ooooh that twisty blighted arm down at the bottom looks reaaaally gnarly. Excellent work!
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I haven't been on DA for literal /years/. I came back to look at everything out of curiosity and good person, I have to say this.

You're art has always been amazing and after coming back and being able to see the literal difference time and practice and done for you, you fucking rock. No joke. After all this time I still adore your art style and you're still one of my favorite artists all around this.

This piece here? It's amazing. I don't know what it's from but the atmosphere of the back ground, the gleam of what look like radioactive boils to me, and then the moon above in that same now-sickly shade of yellow? And all the small little details where a tiny bit of light was added, like the arm with the knife for example. It's all gorgeous.

Thank you for having the strength and the ability to keep going. You're amazing.

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omg ;-;

I'm having a really hard time this week and this morning. I've been stressed and feeling like I'm drowning in my work, halfway through making a game. I just keep feeling like the work is taking so long and I won't be able to live up to my past success, and that people will be mad and ultimately the work will be for nothing

But you reminded me that I have improved... thank you. I know I can't give up now anyway but you gave me strength.
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this is beautiful damn BHVR need this :^)
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This is so hot wtf 
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Stabby stabby bois
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P E R F E C T I O N :iconcoolestplz:
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