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Brain in a Jar

A doodle I made a long time ago (that's all I ever write in these blurbs these days ain't it) that I decided to finish. I kinda save doodles that I happen to like out of habit despite never intending to finish them, but I'm gonna systematically try to get through a bunch of 'em. 

This is the second time I drew this character. I like the design a lot. He originates from the interactive cartoon game "Braindead 13". 
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AustinTrashman's avatar
I always joke about Neurosis being Mother Brain's cousin, they got the same "evil genius brain in a jar" thing going on. Awesome art BTW!
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Yeah, brains in a jar were tropey even by 90's standards! And thanks for checking it out! 
MrKaosX's avatar
he looks depressed. but guess to be locked in a jar can't be fun and possible hell.
MrRemoraman's avatar
He looks like a lugubrious mad genius
Gato88's avatar
I was going for a more contemplating look, but I might like your interpretation better!