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So, there you have it. Nothing out of the ordinary. I only posted this because of the amount of notes and questions regarding brushes or tricks or what have you. There are endless amount of things you can do with these and many many adjustments to each individual brush that can change their outcome in small ways or huge ways. I'm not a Photoshop brush expert or anything like those fancy-schmancy pros do.

Go experiment and get off my lawn.

Also note:
Sometimes I use 1 brush for an entire painting. Sometimes I use 5. It varies to no end.

There are many other categories and brushes I use to experiment and get different textures/effects. These are only my most used.

These brushes are edited like no one's business. I tweak settings, opacity, viscosity, grain, pull, direction, etc etc constantly. Effects vary all of the time.

These brushes may be a hog of memory due to its filter like effect. I usually suggest you wait until the last few steps of your painting and texturing process to use these. You can turn on and off the effect by pressing the star icon on the right hand side of your painting.

Additional Variants:
This just means there are different sizes/types of this particular brush sub-category and (may) I use all of them.
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Where is the download