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By Zie-Pai
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I'm still working on getting everything set up, but so far, I think it's all good.  
If you think something should be changed, please do tell me.

And for the love of god, we need a better avatar.  xD

So, to all gRO players, JOIN!  D8  And submit some art!

Also note:  In the future, the blogs will be used to announce updates on the GatheringRO server.
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I thought the same thing about the icon. LOL. Maybe I'll give making one a go later? (*^* )
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Omg, yes please. xD I just needed an icon, so I snatched Everade's champ sprite, and tossed it on there. LOL.

If you need the font used for the logo, this is it: [link]
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I'll try working on it later maybe!