Loading Screen and Card Art Contest

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Hosted by GM Beastboy

All entries must be posted on the original topic, on our forums.

GatheringRo Artwork Event

1.- this is an art contest for the following things:

    * Silvering Card.
    * Bronzering Card.
    * Blockring Card.
    * Loading Screens

2.- The application rules are pretty simple:

    * NO Plagiarism: I'll use my ban hammer on you, all seriousness.
    * It can be a drawing, photo manipulation, illustrator vectors, etc.
    * Try -not- to add "GatheringRO" to the drawing. We'll be adding it with our logo file. You can make an empty space for it though.
    * If you're gonna photo manipulate or use vectors not made by you, cite sources and links if possible.
    * Don't add RL pics of people, things, or anything related to RL. It's a RO Server, not facebook.
    * There is no limit to the amount of contributions you can make as an artist, or a group of artists. (This means, you can submit at least one entry in each category.)
    * There will be only one winner in each category, but the best images will be implemented as loading screens (Will hit Everade if necessary.)
    * Go for broke on the Card Art. I might add some extra rewards.

3.- Specifications

3.1.- Loading Screens

    * 1024 x 768.
    * Save them as PSD or 24-Bit BMP or 24-Bit PNG.

3.2.- Card Art

    * 500x600.
    * Save them as PSD or 24-Bit BMP or 24-Bit PNG.
    * Drawings only, should look similiar to the official card illustrations.

4.- Other Delimitations

    * The event is due the 31st of July.
    * All entries should be received by then.
    * Rewards will be announced when the winners are known.
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Though I kinda feel like a douche entering this because 2 of the loading screens are mine already LOL SOB.
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It's ok, your screens are totally badass. LMAO.