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:bulletblue: No "perfect" characters or God-modding. [GMs only /gg]

:bulletblue: If you do not have a weapon/headgear in storage, you cannot use it for your character(s) in submissions when they are in class attire or participating in a non-costume event. Everyday life, memes, etc. where a character is in casual or otherwise non-RO class clothes have no headgear limitation (within reason).

:bulletblue: Work submitted to GtRO must contain at least majority/half GtRO characters, and they must be the main focus of the piece. For example, you can't draw a non-GtRO character large in the foreground, with a GtRO character super small in the background. NOTE: This does NOT apply to Vending Lane, in which ALL characters included in Vending Lane submissions MUST be from GtRO.

:bulletblue: This is a "PG-13" group, meaning mature/R-rated themes are not allowed. Tasteful nudity, suggestive themes, and crude humor are allowed and up to staff discretion, but submissions should be tagged appropriately. Staff reserves the right to request that a mature filter be added to any submission. A more thorough list of themes can be found below:

Sex/penetration scenes are obviously sexual and not allowed Obviously-sexual scenes that have been cropped or edited to block the penetration also aren't permitted.
Genitalia/Condoms Depiction of genitalia is not allowed. Condoms and other themes that suggest sex will most likely be permitted but will usually require a mature filter.
Kissing Allowed.
Lingerie Casual lingerie is allowed. If the character is engaging in suggestive sexual poses, it may require a mature filter.
Exposing clothing Allowed, but again the nature of the picture could potentially require a mature filter.
Language and Jokes Allowed. If a character's every other word is a swear word, it may require a mature filter.
Children Allowed. Breastfeeding is also allowed. Things like birth and miscarriages should be depicted in a way that censors any graphic aspects.
Rape or non-consensual touching Trauma from these events is allowed, the depiction of graphic rape is not. These things can be talked about and you're more than welcome to have them be a part of your characters backstory.
Battle/fighting Blood is allowed, fighting is allowed, if a character is soaked in blood we may ask for a mature filter. Pushing gore to a horror level is what we're trying to avoid. Guts spilling, brains falling out, bones cutting out of skin should be avoided in humans and is not permitted. Some of this may be allowed with monsters and may just require a mature filter if it's more graphic.
Injuries Allowed unless they're especially brutal, in which case they may require a mature filter.


:bulletblue: This involves basic netiquette.

:bulletblue: Do not say anything rude to another player. Do not swear at them or call them names. Remember, even though this is the internet, you're interacting with real living, breathing people.

:bulletblue: Realize we have people from all countries, all ages, all races, all religions, all orientations, all RP experience levels and all other walks of life. We don't expect you to be perfect but we do expect you to show a little maturity and practice your tolerance and patience.

:bulletblue: If you do not know a player very well, it's courteous to ask for that player's permission before using their character for events or submissions. Remember that not all members will have the same tolerance to certain subjects--tame, mild, mature or otherwise--than you may. When in doubt, ask first.

:bulletblue: If somebody does something in the RP that you think is wrong or illegitimate, ask them why they did it and if they'd change it. Discuss in OOC what the problem is. If a resolution can't be reached, ask a GM or staff member to step in and we'll help you fix the problem.

:bulletblue: If you find that another member is disrespecting you or somebody else, contact a staff member.

:bulletblue: If your character is fighting with another, please keep the match fair. Not everyone can be the best fighter in the world. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses.


:bulletblue: Realize that the staff members have a hard job of maintaining this group with plenty of behind-the-scene work. We also have the job of telling you if you are wrong and you need to change something. We don't like doing it but we have to sometimes. That also means that when things come too heavily into question, you need to let us deal with it. You can make our jobs easier by reading these rules and adhering to them. We promise, you'll like us a lot more if you do. We also encourage and welcome discussion on why a staff member made a certain call. If you talk to us like people and not like we're your most hated high school enemy then there's a rather good chance you'll change our minds on some things.

:bulletblue: We're only human. We try very hard to make our group systems as efficient as possible, but sometimes there will be flaws. Do NOT try to exploit a system or find a loophole in the rules. We WILL find out, and that will mean stricter rules enforced for everyone. Please consider your actions and think of your fellow RPers so that you don't make it harder for everyone else.

:bulletblue: Don't be childish. If a GM or staff member asks you to fix a mistake, change something that isn't right or whatnot, just do it. We promise you, we're not making you do things for the hell of it.

:bulletblue: Make sure to submit to the right folder! dA is really finicky and annoying sometimes, and some of us can't always move submissions from one folder to another, so help us out by making sure it's submitted to the right folder first.

:bulletblue: Keep your storage updated! Staff is not responsible for keeping track of what you earn from events (if it's a choice item), so please make sure to keep your own inventory organized!

:bulletblue: Read journals carefully. There might be something in there you didn't notice the first time around!

:bulletblue: Keep your correspondence message for your submissions. This will let you know if your submission has been accepted or not. Everybody on staff has a life outside of this group, and sometimes it will take a while for your submission to go through. Do not submit you artwork again if it has not been approved or rejected yet. Every time you submit something, we get another message about it, even if it's a repeat, and we'd appreciate not having our inboxes flooded. If your submission hasn't been accepted after a while (more than 24 hours), do not resubmit, contact a staff member first to see what's up.

:bulletblue: Be patient. We'll get to your updates/submissions/questions when we get to it. Thank you!

Failure to adhere to these rules will result in warnings; 3 warnings may result in a ban from the group.

If you have anymore questions, please refer to the FAQ first to see if your question is answered there. If not, then feel free to contact an active staff member or send a note the group.
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