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NPCs, or Non-Playable Characters, are essentially “side characters” in your character’s story. While you can’t use them for events, your character (and other characters) can be drawn with them without you needing to worry about the "50%" rule. NPCs let you build out your character’s tale, and lets other people know more about your character as well!

You purchase NPC slots with gold coins. The first NPC costs 1 gold coin, and the payment increases by 1 with each subsequent NPC slot purchase (i.e., the second costs 2 gold coins, the third 3, and so on). Currently, players are allowed up to three NPCs per main character (meaning a max total of 12). Though the limit may change with feedback and activity, please think hard about what NPCs you wish to associate with your main characters!

Note the Kafra team with an NPC app sheet. Once accepted and the correct amount of gold coins is confirmed, your NPC is officially in!

:bulletred: First and foremost, your NPC must have a significant connection to your GTRO character.
:bulletred: All rules that apply to GTRO characters also apply to NPCs.
:bulletred: Adopted characters cannot have NPCs
:bulletred: NPCs cannot be used in Monthly Events. They also cannot be directly used in PvP, Quests, or Guilds.
:bulletred: NPCs cannot receive Event Rewards and are ineligible to receive item shop purchases.
:bulletred: NPCs cannot be displayed alone. They must be displayed with a main character in the group, whether it's the main they are connected to or someone else's main They can also be displayed with adopted characters. The sole exception to this rule is when submitting a full-body reference for the NPC or when using NPC passes (obtained in events).

Should you find yourself considering converting characters from Main to NPC, and vice versa, heed the following:
:bulletred: Player Character to Non-Player Character (PC-to-NPC) conversions will only be available for members who have Main 3-4 characters. The Adopted Slot is not included in the character count requirement.
:bulletred: Promoting an NPC to a Main Character is allowed, provided you have a slot for it. Delete the NPC, then submit a new app sheet as normal. The Adopted Slot is also eligible for this.
:bulletred: Both the above points can happen at the same time, so be aware if you intend to swap the slots of a PC and NPC. No discounts.
:bulletred: If a converted main character had NPCs attached to them, then all the attached NPCs are removed as well. No refunds.
:bulletred: If the converted character was in the Adopted Slot, then the member whose slot was used will permanently lose their Adopted Slot.
:bulletred: All items the converted player character had will be removed from storage.
:bulletred: The conversion prices are based on slot and NPC order.

Example, if you wish to convert your second character into an NPC, but you have 5 NPCs already, the total conversion price is 800k (because the second character slot costs 800k to use) and 6 Gold Coins because it'll become a 6th NPC.

Ask the Kafras if you have any questions! There will be additional updates to this journal, highlighting future possibilities, so stay tuned.
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January 8