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For 600k zeny, you can buy a Marriage Spotlight for 1 month. The to-be-married couple will be featured on the front page of the community under the Marriage Spotlight notice. During this time, anybody who submits work featuring both characters will receive 100k prize zeny on top of the usual submission zeny! Think of it as wedding gifts to the happy couple.

And hey, weddings are expensive! You will also have to purchase the items that go with it.
Options are as follows:
1x Wedding Dress (100k)
1x Tuxedo (60k)
1x Silver Ring (80k)
1x Gold Ring (80k)

Comment in the Bank journal to purchase!

The total cost of a Marriage Spotlight is 600k. All characters (except for adopted characters) of any gender pairing are eligible to be married. You and your partner will both need the proper wedding attire for your gender and one ring each. Once the items have been purchased, you must pay a "Marriage Fee," which will be the difference of 600k minus Wedding Item Cost.

For example:
A male and a female decide to marry. They purchase the following items.
1x Wedding Dress (100k) + 1x Tuxedo (60k) + 1x Silver Ring (80k) + 1x Gold Ring (80k) = 320k

To calculate the Marriage Fee, it would be:
Total Wedding Cost (600k) - Wedding Item Cost (320k) = 280k

It does not matter if one person buys all the items or if you split the difference, so long as 600k is paid in the end!

Comment here with a link to both character sheets stating that you'd like to be put on the spotlight. It's first come, first serve; if someone is ahead of you, you will be put on a waiting list until the next free month.

This system is only for two different people in the group. Even if two of your characters are married to each other, you may not sign them up for marriage spotlight.

If you'd like to submit for the featured character for prize money, simply post your deviation in the Marriage Spotlight section of the gallery! To get the full 100k prize zeny, you must draw BOTH characters! If you only draw one (and you must depict that they're getting married), you only get 50k prize zeny. Please NOTE that we will be capping how many times you can submit for one Spotlight at 3. This is to avoid abuse and a sudden zeny inflation!

Note: If your character is one of the featured characters for the marriage spotlight, you will not receive prize zeny for drawing them alone! However, you can receive the prize zeny if you draw your partner's character, or both your characters together.

Not only will the couple be featured for the month, but should you wish, you can ask the staff to hold a special RP Marriage Ceremony in the discord chat. You can schedule it at anytime of the Spotlight month (within reason) and we will place a special announcement in the Marriage Spotlight notice and chatroom for everyone to see.

Married couples will also have access to a brand new feature in GTRO! The Adoption System! Click here to find out how!
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