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Q: Why was my character sheet rejected?
A: Most likely because it did not follow the character creation rules! We will usually let you know!

Q: Why was my submission rejected?
A: We will let you know, but please read the rules to avoid rejection.

Q: I've never played the game before. Can I still join?
A: Of course! Don't be afraid to ask staff or other members to help you out if you're not familiar with something!

Q: Can I draw/color my character sheet traditionally?
A: Yes! Just copy it on to the character sheet, fill out the info, and you're good to go!

Q: I can't draw but I still want to join the group. Is there another way to make my character sheet?
A: Unfortunately, we don't have a different format aside from drawing. Ask a friend to make your app for you, and from then on you can submit whatever form of art you want.

Q: How does prize zeny work?
A:  They are added to the usual submission zeny you get for the type of work you submit. For example, if you submit a full body colored work for character spotlight, you get 30k + 50k = 80k.

Q: If I work on a submission with another member, do the both of us get zeny/prizes?
A:  Absolutely! We highly encourage working together or collaborating with other members. Unless it is stated otherwise, you can collaborate with another member for pretty much anything in this group. Of course, it should go without saying that the both of you should play equal or close to equal parts in the submission.

Q: Can I submit something featuring mature/18+/NSFW content or themes?
A: We are a PG-13 group and as such do not allow some mature content. More info on this in rules.

Q: Is there a limit to armor/accessories?
A: Because they don't really affect the group experience, there is no limit. Just don't go overboard! The same applies to cards.

Q: Can I switch out items later on?
A: No, you may not. That defeats the purpose of being active and gaining new items.

Q: I didn't reach my equip limit when I first joined. Can I add them later?
A: Yes, make sure to comment in the storage journal to update if you do.

Q: How can I obtain new items?
A: You can obtain items by participating in events and completing quests!

Q: Can any of my characters use any item in my storage?
A: Yes, all your characters are free to use whatever you have in storage, regardless of what they started out with.

Q: Can I donate zeny/items to other players?
A: It is highly discouraged, but bring up a good reason to a staff member and it may be considered (donating zeny is not allowed in most cases).

Q: Am I allowed to update my character sheet? And do I get zeny for it?
A: Yes, you are! Resubmit it to the group or notify a staff member and you will get zeny for it.

Q: If I submit a sketch, then color it later, do I get the zeny award for colored works?
A: There is no guarantee that extra zeny will be added if you update your work later unless you notify a staff member.


Q: Can I have a non-human character?
A: Other than Doram, which is a canon playable race available to everyone by default, the best thing to do is run it by the GM to see if it's okay (it's suggested that you have a good story to back it up).

Q: Can I join with any class or do I have to start out as a novice/first class?
A: You can join with any class.

Q: Can I change my character's class?
A: Yes, if it's what you want to do with your character's story, you can go from novice to first class, first class to second class, etc. However, changing to a different class branch will incur a fee. To job change, you must depict your character doing their job change. Then make sure to update your character sheet so everyone knows about the class change.

Q: Am I allowed to have any headgear/weapon/pet when I start out?
A: Yes, as long as they are not custom or God items.

Q: Can I modify my character's class outfit/uniform?
A: Yes, as long as it resembles the original class outfit.

Q: Can I change the color or look of an official headgear?
A: Color changes are absolutely acceptable. As for modifying the headgear, as long as the modifications are minimal enough that it still looks like the original official headgear, it's fine. Completely changing the headgear is not allowed: for example, instead of having a fox face for the Kitsune Mask, it's a bunny face instead.

Q: Can I modify an official weapon?
A: Yes, but keep changes minimal. And for simplicity, keep the name the same when you add your item in storage.

Q: Can a certain class use a headgear/weapon that can't be equipped in game?
A: Headgears are totally fine (you can even stack headgears if you want to get creative). As for weapons, it's best that you keep to a weapon that can be used by that class or at least come up with a reasonable story behind why/how they can use that particular weapon to avoid God-modding.

Q: Are female bards/clowns/maestros or male dancers/gypsies/wanderers allowed?
A: Yes, they are allowed. I would love to see how a male dancer/gypsy/wanderer would work out, but we're not judging.

More on character creation:

:bulletblue: No more than 3 headgears to start for new characters. More may be obtained through events and quests.

:bulletblue: No more than 2 weapons to start for new characters. Again, you will gain more by participating!

:bulletblue: No more than 1 pet to start for new characters.

:bulletblue: Characters should be Human, Doram, or fit into the mythology of the game. Please discuss with Staff if you have questions.

:bulletblue: If your character isn't Human or Doram, keep their race reasonable. Please don't make him or her the child of a God or an MVP monster.

:bulletblue: To respect and prevent clashes with RO lore, we won't accept a character coming from royalty. In addition, we discourage deep connection to canon NPCs from the game (especially being family, offspring, etc.). We realize it's sometimes hard to look up the myth of the RO world, but please try and do some research beforehand. You'll convince us far more than just making something up. We have no problem offering assistance, as well!

:bulletblue: We will no longer allow any location as hometown where it is not possible to save ingame as respawn point.

:bulletblue: Changes made to your character will be charged a fee of 50k zeny, with these exceptions: updating a character's age after having a birthday, job advancement, adding/changing guilds and relationships. Adding new information will not cost anything.

:bulletblue: To job advance, one must actually show their character doing their job change. Once done and noted, the Character List will be updated.

:bulletblue: Your character must be your own original creation. It cannot be from an existing TV show or otherwise.

:bulletblue: You are allowed to modify your character's outfit as long as the class is still recognizable.

:bulletblue: No "custom" items/pets or God items (no items/pets from outside of RO). The initial pet from character creation can be non-conventional (not on the official Cute Pet list). The only way to attain additional non-conventional pets is by using the 'Universal Pet Tamer' item, earned through events.

:bulletblue: You may have up to 4 characters. The only way to obtain a 5th is through the adoption system, in which you must go through the marriage process with another player in the group. See this journal for more information on adoption.

:bulletblue: 2nd~4th characters must be purchased via a note to the group along with a completed character sheet. 2nd characters cost 800k zeny, 3rd characters cost 1 million zeny and 4th characters cost 2 million zeny + 5 gold coins (gold coins are obtainable by doing group events)

:bulletblue: In addition to 4 Main Characters, each character can have up to 3 NPCs assigned to them. For more information about how NPCs work in GtRO, refer to the NPC Journal.

:bulletblue: You can only create a Player Character and NPC characters associated with them. [No GMs, Monsters]


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NPC System

Adoption System

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EcoRuins Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Does the job change process need to be exactly as depicted in the game? Can't it be different to fit a character's story?
Raikouhou Featured By Owner Edited Jan 8, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
As long as there's little bit of story provided to explain why it's different, we're totally okay with modifying a job change quest to better suit your character~ Just send a note to staff beforehand to check if the modifications are acceptable!
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