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July Birthdays

2nd: Ishra
30th: Su-kyung

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Group Info

This group was made for Ragnarok Online lovers who love to roleplay, even if they don't play anymore or have never played before!

Copyright 2002-2008 Gravity Corp. & Lee Myoungjin.
Copyright 2002-2008 Gravity Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Founded 8 Years ago
Jan 22, 2010


Group Focus

540 Members
712 Watchers
221,012 Pageviews
Daily Pageviews

Congratulations! With all the work you’ve put in, you ended up successfully getting the 5 million zeny arranged to fill up the Sanctuary’s coffers open the gates! This is an unprecedented honor...and maybe you’ll be able to find some secrets!

Dina: Shame about all that money, ehh...
Deja: Ah, it seems our tenuous international relations will hold fast for another day.

You enter the gates, into the glimmering marble halls of the sanctuary...and you realize you’re not alone.

EVENT: Battle Gloom Under Night

Gloom Under Night has come from the depths of the sanctuary, drawn by the scent of fresh souls...This could be a great way to endear yourself to the most important people in Arunafelz...and maybe get yourself some loot, too!    

:bulletred:Gloom Under Night  will start with 100 HP.
:bulletred:Each entry a member does will count as a “turn” (e.g: Person A buffs: Turn 1; Person B attacks: Turn 2). Order of attacks has an effect on the battle--while you can run in and Sonic Blow Gloom Under Night, be sure to check that no one’s casting Lord of Vermillion when you put down a Magnetic Earth!

:bulletblue: Players can choose one of four actions to take:
In your entry, be sure to put what type of action you want this to count as.

:bulletred: Inflict 2 damage
:bulletred:Deals no damage.
:bulletred:Gloom Under Night takes 2x Damage from the next attack.
:bulletred:1 Debuff can be stacked with 1 Buff. 2 Debuffs cannot be stacked.
:bulletred: Deals no damage.
:bulletred: Gloom Under Night takes 3x Damage from the next attack.
:bulletred: 1 Debuff can be stacked with 1 Buff. 2 Buffs cannot be stacked. (exception: Special Buff)

Class Overdrive:  
Each Class will have a special high-power skill! Use these in combination with others’ moves for massive damage!
There are two types of these special skills, each based on class.
As this is a special skill, it has a cooldown. After each type of skill is used, players must wait 4 turns until using that type again.

Swordsman/Mage/Thief/Gunslinger/Ninja: Overdrive Attack!
:bulletred:  Choose an appropriate skill!
:bulletred:  Attack will deal 6 damage
:bulletred:  Stacks with normal buffs and debuffs, as well as the Overdrive Buff special

Acolyte/Merchant/Archer/Taekwon/Super Novice:  Overdrive Buff!!
:bulletblue: Choose an appropriate skill!
:bulletblue: The next 3 attacks will do +2 damage
:bulletblue: Stacks with normal buffs and debuffs, as well as the Overdrive Attack special skill.
:bulletblue: Cooldown begins after 3rd attack.

:bulletred: Art submissions must be at least colored sketches. Rough comics are also accepted, but please make them legible! Literature submissions must be at least 300 words.
:bulletred: You may use the same character to keep attacking, or different characters to contribute to attack Gloom Under Night.
:bulletred: Each entry turn must be separate
:bulletred: You are allowed to work in groups, but each member must submit a separate entry to contribute to attacking.
:bulletred: All entries must be submitted to the Events folder.
:bulletred: Deadline for this event is August 7th!

Gloom Under Night's 's Current HP: 100
The Battle Log will be up soon!

Style Points:
Hey, you can’t just fight a giant and, admittedly, somewhat cute sanctuary ghost without making it cool... Here’s where we encourage you to put in some creativity! Even if you don’t deal damage or cast an effect with your entry (which will still take a turn), your style could still be too much for Gloom Under Night to handle... And you may deal bonus damage! The same goes for a super cool attack or a swanky pose during buffing.
(When submitting solely for style points, please indicate in the description that no action is being taken!)

Elden: Style?  But what does it mean...
Kino: It means go wild, duh!

Discord Channel:
To make it easier to collaborate and plot with each other, we’ll be adding a temporary channel to our Discord! You’re welcome to plan things out via other avenues, as well.

Due:  August 7th
Reward: 100k Zeny, 1 Gold Coin, and Drooping Gloomy headgear!

Quest: Rabble Rousin' Rafflesia!

Rafflesia are taking over the Prontera church garden, tearing up Father Paul’s azaleas and scaring the acolytes! Remove them any way you see necessary! Minimum requirement: clean colored sketch or 300k words.
Type: Repeatable (up to 3 times)
Reward: 100k Zeny and a weapon of your choice! (No god items, you ambitious little gardener, you!)

Other Information

Birthday Spotlight

July is a hot, hot month! Let's celebrate these fiery summer birthdays, and remember to stay hydrated! All birthday spotlight submissions will receive a 20k zeny bonus, plus an additional Gold Coin if you depict your character helping the birthday character celebrate! Submit birthday spotlight submissions to the Everyday Life folder. As a reminder, though they can help others celebrate, NPCs aren't eligible for the spotlight themselves.

Character Spotlight

Want to see your character featured? Want to send someone the gift of a Spotlight feature? Go here for more information! Remember that adopted characters are also eligible!
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