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The Rightful Heir: Issue 2 - Page 20

The tale of the rightful heir, Prince Orion, and his return to claim what is his.

Bars weren't stopping Celestia from escaping. It was walls of text! Hah. Hah. Hah...

Anyhoo, like I said, no Lulamoon this week due to me having to reset my group submission limit. So enjoy an early page of Rightful Heir!

Because the next page is the last page for issue two! What's going to happen!? Whats Orion going to do with the elements!?

:iconprinceorion::iconsaysplz: You know what, I didn't know what to do with them before I was banished. Hmm... They'd go nicely on a wall somewhere.

Probably just going to talk more about yourself. Its all you ever do!

:iconprinceorion::iconsaysplz: And?

This week is going to be Crisis of the Planes, more painfully slow setup! Sigh. I don't care, its mae baby! I'd do anything for mae baby!

Open Casting Call: The Rightful Heir - Don't fret if yours didn't get pick, theres more to come! If you haven't enter your OC yet follow the link and leave a link, and you better read the rules, so help me you better..........
Issue Two ends next page and once that happens I'll be roughing out the pages for Issue 3! If you wanna spot now'd be a good time to join in!

Prince Orion tumblr Follow your Prince!
Prince Orion tumblr Collection

The Right Heir: Issue 2 Page 18
The Right Heir: Issue 2 Page 21
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tails208's avatar
Well there goes their last hope of defeating the king
bazla1236's avatar
And you call your self a better 'KING'
AND you don't even know that the Element Of Hermony do grow on a Tree
GatesMcCloud's avatar
And how would you know? Only 2 princesses and 6 other ponies know about the tree.

I mean, you can dish on him all you want, but you can't fault him for not knowing about something he can't possibly know about yet. This is before season 3 after all.
bazla1236's avatar
sorry i didn't know that
GatesMcCloud's avatar
It's perfectly fine. And now you know.

And knowing is half the battle.
littleshadowsong14's avatar
why art thou such a jerk?
Fellmoon's avatar
They don't grow on trees, ha!
SweetCake111's avatar
Wow...They Can Defeat you without the elements because they have the magic of friendship on their side and friendship is more powerful than anything and you prince knOW nothing ABout friendship!
Irony! So tasty. Delicious irony.

Come on, Twi, are you just going to let him grab the Elements like that? You're still on Element-protection duty, you know. You're always on Element-protection duty.
LupinKurt's avatar
but they DO grow on trees XD XD XD
tmnt4132's avatar
Orion: it not like they grow on trees 

Me: they do 

Orion: what? 

Me: the tree of harmony... 

Orion: :flame: 
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
X-D You deserve a llama for this. :-)
Here, have one.
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
Probably just going to talk more about yourself. Its all you ever do!

:iconprinceorion::iconsaysplz: And?

:iconsniperplz::iconsaysplz:You're just a wanka. A bloody pompous wanka.:iconsaysendplz:
GatesMcCloud's avatar
:iconprinceorion::iconsaysplz: Hah hah hah, I'm a prince, he works for me.
Arielmlp's avatar
Regina: Orion I shall destroy your happiness if it is the last thing I do
tank2259's avatar
wait thats it nuuuu more more more
adamlhumphreys's avatar
Apples grow on trees. :iconapplejackplz: But the idea of the EoH growing on some tree would be particularly strange and out of place, though perhaps not as strange as things deciding to pop out of that tree for reasons unknown. :iconajawkwardsmileplz:
AmagyDragon25's avatar
XD he said element of harmony doesn't grown on trees...and the tree of harmony then? silly orion >:3
The-Rootbeer-Queen's avatar
Nooo!!! Wait... Why didn't anyone asks think of just taking them off? It makes Discord and Queen Chrysalis look ridiculous!!
Davaba19's avatar
Hey prince orion do you have a daughter named sunset shimmer and secretly sent her to take down celestia on the inside?
Arielmlp's avatar
Elsa:give them back you jerk (freezes all of the guards and freezes Orion's heart) that should teach you a lesson and you are not the rightful heir to the throne and you never will be
Fluttershy:yeyy!Fluttershy Blink IconI am a dummy!:happybounce:GiggleLa la la laClap:) (Smile)
Arielmlp's avatar
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