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Cutie Mark Crusaders 10k: The Shadow of Grief 35

Princess Luna. Nightmare Moon. The princess has struggled with this duality for as long as she can remember. Knowing that the darkness within yearns to be free. But on one fateful day, a far greater darkness descends upon them, devouring everything in its path. A day that the Princess of the Night and the Nightmare must face together, or succumb to the waking nightmare that seeks to consume all of Equestria.

Red text in boxes? That can only mean one thing!


Links below:

The Shadow of Grief 34
The Shadow of Grief 36
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lyrathelidragon's avatar
wait, nightmare moon is still in control? then where`s luna?
folklore17's avatar
No, I think they've merged into one single being
lyrathelidragon's avatar
stress and anxiety mixed with hatred and darkness, yea that does often happen.
folklore17's avatar
More like hatred and darkness facing clarity. The two don't necessarily need to be bad things, if given focus, meaning, purpose.

Stress and anxiety, however, are just stables of this story's universe at this point.
lyrathelidragon's avatar
just like a full circle, except with more strength.
folklore17's avatar
Becoming truly balanced. That is the true philosophy of Yin and Yang
lyrathelidragon's avatar
as well as the rise of a new dawn.
folklore17's avatar
I actually hope the artist hold this concept consistent. Too many times I've seen writers do Yin and Yang, only to inject the Christian morality. Now I don't have anything against Christianity, but Yin and Yang is NOT a doctrine of Black and White Morality. It's a doctrine of the Grey.
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MerlosTheMad's avatar
Hah. Speaking strange? You're one to talk, oh Princess of the Night.
Marauder92's avatar
Recovery/friendship building montage? I'm gonna need more popcorn!
I think if that one song were removed from existence, the internet would implode from the suction of the void left behind.
Scarred-Animal's avatar
Oh!!!! So it's still Nightmare moon! I thought it was someone else lol
Billblok's avatar
My magic has change so much.
Probably should be "changed".

Her advise was sound
Shoud be "advice".

In other news: Awww,  Nighty's feeling friendship!
GatesMcCloud's avatar
Yup, the buffer probably didn't catch it. I'll have to fix it in a bit.
supersexyghotmew95's avatar
its gonna be a montage
s sorry 
DrWolfsea's avatar
Montage time?

-grabs generic 80s montage music-
Masao114's avatar
Aaaaw. ^_^
:iconsaysplz: Rest well, Nightmare (or whatever you happen to go by these days).
MotownWarrior01's avatar
You gotta love Zecora, she can always lighten the mood.
Legate47's avatar
Montage? Cue the Rocky music.
GatesMcCloud's avatar
No! Team America all the way!
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