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Cutie Mark Crusaders 10k: The Shadow of Grief 32

Princess Luna. Nightmare Moon. The princess has struggled with this duality for as long as she can remember. Knowing that the darkness within yearns to be free. But on one fateful day, a far greater darkness descends upon them, devouring everything in its path. A day that the Princess of the Night and the Nightmare must face together, or succumb to the waking nightmare that seeks to consume all of Equestria.

Team Nightmare is blasting off agaaaaaiiiiinnnnnnnnnn<sub.nn....!

Finally! We get to move on!

Whelp, as of this posting Community choice 1 won the vote. Well it won when I woke this morning, number 3 got close later on in the day though. Tell you what, if my community choice thing sells well enough, I'll vector the rest and put them up as well. I'm doing this to see if I can make profit to help out with minor things, like prem membership or even paying for my internet. I don't expect to make much off this, infact I don't expect to sell any I have a patreon page and I've only had 2 people contribute. Which by the way, thank you to the both of you, you really helped me out. That being said, it doesn't really affect me if you guys don't donate or buy, I only want you to if you truly want to, I don't ask for hand outs and prefer to earn my keep. If this doesn't do well then it means I can't continue making Merch prints, because its a huge waste of time. I got a Crisis comic that was put on hold for a Star Fox comic that I then put on hold for the merch stuff! I run on numbers, and if the numbers aren't good then I can't waste time on it.

If you wanna see me make merch stuff, then support it, but only if you feel its worth it. Twilight's first merch pic should be up over the weekend, its a simple picture but I'm gonna dazzle her up and stuff.

Links below:

The Shadow of Grief 31 Mega Page Special!
The Shadow of Grief 33
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jerzeyboy1995's avatar
Where's an ichigo in mugetsu from when you need him.
FRA32's avatar
Lo, does anyone notice that Crystalence's horn is broken?
psypsy25's avatar
Damned... fail again... we lose this battle but not this war.... Long life to NLR.
PsychoYellowDragon's avatar
More like an union between NLR and NS (Nightmare Supremacy)
ZoPteryx's avatar
Ooh, I think I see what's going on here.  If I'm right, Shining has already lost, he just doesn't know it yet.
TheTruePsychopath's avatar
A cloud with wings? Iz dat sum nieu toype uf moth?
anideterm3's avatar
Either that was Sombra possessing/asserting control over Shining or some other unknown force that is working under Sombra's nose and drains magic from the castle for power was indicated by yellow text box. 
GatesMcCloud's avatar
Oh no, to clarify because it isn't something I've addressed yet, nor is it some big secret, the draining thing is a part of crystal magic. It can transfer magic from crystal to crystal, its how Sombra does his thing. When the castle was drained, it was Shining transferring all the magic in the castle into himself. And for future reference, its not a permanent thing, the magic comes back, because there is a source that it comes from.

Sorry for the lengthy explanation, its more for you and others that will read it that are wondering what happened.
Legate47's avatar
I think I know what that power source is. It's Sombra's horn isn't it?
GatesMcCloud's avatar
Nopes. Sombra's horn is on his head. But then again, I guess you... Could say it is? But it isn't.
Legate47's avatar
Isn't that what was recovered in your Light of Despair comic? The the thing that indoctrinated Shining and Cadance in the first place?
GatesMcCloud's avatar
Yah, thats still all Sombra there. What happened in Shadow, that... quite possibly isn't Sombra. Even though Sombra is what controls all crystals bound to him.
FRA32's avatar
Does the magic the crystals take come from the crystal heart? Would make sense, because they had to infuse it with crystal magic before starting to crystalise everything.
Legate47's avatar
Or maybe the crystal heart has a dark counter part that we don't know about yet.
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LSDInkvizitor's avatar
these crystallic things are so annoying...

sombra should work on better designs.
Marauder92's avatar
Shining's peech bubbles and eyes changed colors? Uhm, this will have promising developments in the future...
ultramar48921's avatar
This ain't over yet
MiguelofKing's avatar
julian0123's avatar
Well, that sure was strange.
sigel4ever's avatar
tactical retreat

(live today, fight tomorrow, girl!)
Yeah, Sombra, that's right. Stay on your side of the nightmare shield. It already cut off one of your legs; don't make it cut off your mind too.

Actually, no, that would be hilarious. Just a zombie Sombra wandering around without direction, until he gets put into a zoo or something.
TianisX's avatar
This series so far isnt making luna look like a big bad, however theres still more to I wait
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