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Cutie Mark Crusaders 10k: The Shadow of Grief 22

Princess Luna. Nightmare Moon. The princess has struggled with this duality for as long as she can remember. Knowing that the darkness within yearns to be free. But on one fateful day, a far greater darkness descends upon them, devouring everything in its path. A day that the Princess of the Night and the Nightmare must face together, or succumb to the waking nightmare that seeks to consume all of Equestria.

Seems Luna has touched on a nerve.

Next page I can't wait for, Luna is gonna do her signature thing. Love it. Though you guys will have to wait for 2 weeks, next week is the final page for Crisis of the Planes: Issue 1.

The Shadow of Grief 21
The Shadow of Grief 23 - 24
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Ohhhh Hit a nerve had we? this is amusing.
lyrathelidragon's avatar
can you draw a gender bend of luna`s godess form?
GatesMcCloud's avatar
God no. I'd only do that as a joke for a comic.
lyrathelidragon's avatar
you don`t have to show his waste!!!!!!!!! just his upper sexy parts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GatesMcCloud's avatar
Show his waste? Thats disgusting. Of course I wouldn't show that.
lyrathelidragon's avatar
nonononononononono. Don`t show his waste, ok?
GatesMcCloud's avatar
If I did it would have to be tagged mature. I'm not into fecal art.
lyrathelidragon's avatar
and I`m not a perv.
GatesMcCloud's avatar
Then use waist, not waste.
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Yes ! The true night is come ! Wake up batbrothers ! Is time to kill the sun !
BenRG's avatar
Obviously mumsy dearest is a sore point with Celly!
Nina-Dragons-12's avatar
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EmeraldFire909's avatar
Omg Luna looks so amazing :o !!!!! *dies of cuteness oveload*
AppleGloom1928's avatar
more like *dies of awesomeness overload* !!!
Dragon101k's avatar
Hope Celestia gets hit by her own laser...
Moon shield and wham! Magic reflected. Bad move to use magic  
Dragon101k's avatar
That's what I'm thinking...
MewTora17's avatar

Oh Buck.... Crystalestia's doom~!

Just wonder, what's Nightmare Moon/Luna's name go by? Not just Princess of the Night but who as in Queen of the Night?
Marauder92's avatar
Those are some mommy issues that you got there, Crysty.
TheTruePsychopath's avatar
She looks so cute. I want to hug Nightmoona.
DawnTheADHH1655's avatar
Sibling rivalries can be scary at times
Legate47's avatar
Mindless husks that were once Cadance, Shining Armor, and Celestia; start praying.
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