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Cutie Mark Crusaders 10k: The Lost 88

Twilight spent her life trying to learn all that there is. In her journey she surrounded herself with friends that aided her in her life long pursuit. She lost that all against chaos. But in the fires of her old life she emerges anew, ever eager to learn and with a new friend that is more than willing to teach.

Quickly, Discord! There's a-doings a-transpiring.

Next week, maybe a little reunion. I dunno, maybe. It's not like I'm TRYING TO SPEED THIS STUPID.... So yah, next week.

Fun fact, this is the quickest page I've ever done. Think maybe took 2 hours. Which was on purpose cuz my god, that pre patch for WoW. Now all my toons can wear all the gearz I've been collecting for years! I FINALLY HAVE ROOM IN MY BANK! So yah, now to quickly get done with this so I can go back.


This week on Crisis of the Planes, The Varn Strikes Back

CMC 10k Chapter 3: The Lost 87
CMC 10k Chapter 3: The Lost 89
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Awwww! Discord's puppy dog eyes attack!
Hey, if you don't give her more than she's ready for, she'll never learn to be ready for it.
hillyhawk's avatar
XD lol, the power of PLEASE !!!
PhoenixFlambe's avatar
But isn't she already in charge of her own friends? Double the leadership?
Marauder92's avatar
She's ambitious....
swirliee's avatar
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Discord: "Senpai noticed me! :3"
Hotspot-the-626th's avatar
Probably good to get those jerks off your back, Discord :XD:
Legate47's avatar
Twilight shall pay for her treason.
FrostKuji's avatar
If you skip the last panel and you have no idea whats going on. It's like Discord begging for sex and Twilight is open to the idea. lol
jimmyhook19202122's avatar
Pfft!!! puppy face Discord in the second panel! XD
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