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Cutie Mark Crusaders 10k: The Lost 43

Twilight spent her life trying to learn all that there is. In her journey she surrounded herself with friends that aided her in her life long pursuit. She lost that all against chaos. But in the fires of her old life she emerges anew, ever eager to learn and with a new friend that is more than willing to teach.

This is the story of Twilight the Lost, goddess of Chaos.

Yes, Dash. Answer her. Such an enabler, Twilight has a serious problem and you're making it worse, Dash.


This week on The Rightful Heir, Twilight and co have one night to prepare for Orion's grand challenge! How will they prepare? Which challenges will they all issue to Orion?

Links below:

The Lost 42
The Lost 44
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Even with chaos, Twilight is always the same.
Well, it's a learning experience for Dash. She should have negotiated a maximum number of questions she could be asked before she was left alone; now Twilight has permission to keep bugging her as long as she can come up with more questions, which is essentially forever.

Also, after making the deal more precise, Dash should have remembered that there's nothing stopping the Queen of Chaos from breaking her deal, and refused.
SilvaraDarkMoon's avatar
well the lot of wings one is more an observation not a question but ya.... not sure how long till dash explodes
AuraOfTheStars's avatar
all the faces, all da MONEYS!
xxxMakixxx's avatar
Daemon Dash is not amused
gizmo01's avatar
What do I spot in the background in the last panal? srsly seriously 
LSDInkvizitor's avatar
poor daemon dash.
IJoinedForPonies's avatar
On the very bottom, "This" should be "These". :-)
GatesMcCloud's avatar
Huh, wonder what I was thinking at the time. Thats not one of my usual.
MiguelofKing's avatar
Poor Dash... Twilight you CrazyCrazy seizurish Twilight 
Drakei's avatar
wha...  how many questions!!!!!!!     XD
Marauder92's avatar
Poor Dash. I know what she's feeling!
TrueFrenzy's avatar
Well there is one thing that will never change about twilight 
Westbend's avatar
Am I weird for thinking these supposed "bad guys" are more relatable, charming, likeable and well... human, then the supposed "good guys"? Kinda making me root for team chaos. But then again I could just be a weirdo.
TheTruePsychopath's avatar
Ooo! Are we playing twenty questions?
GamemasterMZ's avatar
Wow, she is really channeling the good ol’ Pinkie Pie here, ain’t she.  I feel sorry for poor Dash, because I highly doubt she will be getting much sleep any time soon with that amount of energy pointing at her direction.  Heh, oh boy...

Its me, duh.
> Correction: “It’s”.
You sure have alot of wings.
> Looking it up, a few sites said that ‘alot' either doesn’t exist or is an error, so you may want to replace it with ‘a lot’.
GatesMcCloud's avatar
Alot isn't an error, its a regional thing for me. I've never fixed it nor will I ever stop using it and will promote its usage so that it will become a 'proper' contraction someday.
GamemasterMZ's avatar
Heh, okay.  That's fine with me.
ultramar48921's avatar
too many questions asked
ashbluebear's avatar
MotownWarrior01's avatar
Gamatron: Would someone please shut her up *hitting his head with Pinkies hammer*
DrunkenDragonDirge's avatar
So this is the metaphorical Stick to poke with. I've never seen this before quite like this.
anideterm3's avatar
Twilight the qustioning. LOL
ponymaker55693's avatar
In The Second Panel What Is Twilight Holding In Her Wings?????????
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