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Clafie - Every Hunter Needs An Angel

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I know its' probably an odd pairing but I like it.

I merged two backgrounds by :iconanthonygimenez: to create this.
Wings Background
Firework Wings
Fire Heart was an edit version of this by :iconjssanda:
Angelic War Free Font - by :iconkeepwaiting:
Superntural Font -… by :iconfelina-cat:
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May 7, 2016, 1:46:40 PM
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Awesome image, I really love their faces and the colour combination! :love:

But I have no idea who they are ^^;   I haven't been watching Supernatural since the beginning of season 8 because our television is transmitting it after 11.30 p.m.  waaaaay too late for me :rofl:
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The girl is Jimmy Novak's daughter, Claire and the guy is an angel called Samandriel, who in my head-canon is Sam and Gabriel's son. I'm writing this series of stories about them called Unrequited Sabriel. Ever since I started writing them, Claire and Samandriel (who goes by the name Alfie, thus the ship name Clafie) are my ship.

I'm sorry to hear that you're still so far behind on the show. :sad: :tighthug:
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AstidamiaHobbyist Photographer
I suspected she was Claire Novak :)  but I didn't recognize Samandriel O.o  I know who he is (and I love your head-canon :highfive: it's awesome!)...maybe he looked different dressed as a fast food boy? :shrug:

I must say I really like this pair....especially considering your head-canon....they'll have much in common and much to talk about...they also are closer in age...I must catch up with your stories, I'm really behind (university is draining my energies..and Adam doesn't help :giggle: ;) )

Yeah and between university and my need to rest when I come home, I don't have much time to watch SPN in streaming (maybe during the summer when I'm usually less tired :) )
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Well I'm glad to hear your back at school, I know how much you've been desperate to get back to your education. :hug: And I hope everything continues to go well for you. -- And that you get all caught up with SPN. Eventually. :D :tighthug: :glomp:

I may do more wallpapers for this pairing in the future. :fingerscrossed: :heart: