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Bowers and Wilkins DM 602 S3 by gatekiller Bowers and Wilkins DM 602 S3 by gatekiller
Bowers and Wilkins DM 602 Series 3 Speaker

This speaker soars above the average speaker with so much clarity, depth and response. They have a range from about 20 Hz to 42 KHz and connected to a good amp, can output excess of 120W of pure, undistorted sound.

The tweeter is a super tweeter that has a range of 4 KHz to 42 KHz and is made from aluminium. The 7" driver unit has a range of 20 Hz to 4 KHz and is made from woven Kevlar... yes, the material used in bullet proof vests. This limited dampening to a minimum and thus produces a sharper sound.

These speakers are solely for mounting on stands and, because of their size, require a good half a meter of free space around them for best performance.

At around £300 ($510) a pair, these are a bargain and a must buy for any music lover.

I bought these speakers, with 10 meters of QED Silver 25th Anniversary speaker cable, Silver Mission sand filled stand and a Sony Receiver STR-DE695 120W per channel, 6 channels.
Total Cost: £640 ($1100)


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southwind Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2004
$510 for a pair of B&Ws is quite good! Those are really nice little speakers. :nod: I had a dream about a week ago that my mother (who isn't into high-end audio at all) bought $8000 worth of B&W speakers and I was so impressed. lol

I highly doubt that that woofer is capable of 20Hz though. In all likelihood if you played a 20Hz test tone you'd probably only get a 40Hz harmonic. (At any rate, I wouldn't recommend punishing a bookshelf speaker with a 20Hz tone!) Still, that speaker is a beauty and I bet it sounds as good as it looks! I find it ironic that the woofer cone is made of Kevlar, and its voice coil dust cap looks like a bullet. :)

Still lovin' them after all this time? Hope so. :thumbsup:
foppa Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2003   Photographer
Those are the speakers I was actually going for when I upgraded my hometheatre. But then I changed my mind and got some MonitorAudio's instead.
To this day I still wonder if I made the right choice though.
However, when I was going to buy them they where'nt priced at $510. Quite a bit higher actually, of course I was going for the ones with double 6,5's.
Mine where just as good though, but the don't look nearly as spectacular...
stevenw721 Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2003
makes me want some speakers...and ahouse to blast them in
dark-liquid Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2003
wheres the beef?? Oh there it is
good stuff mate
parasitodesign Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2003
.........can you say.........KABOOM!!!!..............
skylinevspec Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2003
yer but my 5.1 still whoops its ass lol
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November 23, 2003
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