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I have nooooooooot been here for quite some time, mostly because uploading here doesn't feel as quick as on other sites i suppose? Idk.

One of the big reasons I havent been uploading though is because I was making a submission for Pixel Day 2018 on newgrounds

It is the story of a radish who becomes super rad....ish.
Its my first "original" animation thing ive done, so that's neat i guess

Aside from that, i actually got commissioned to do a lot of pixel art, so that was interesting to do.

Other than that im still taking commissions if people want pixel art or animated gifs. The journal for that is here.
Pixel Art ComissionsI’ve decided to charge by the maximum canvas size i used for certain pictures.
150x150 [20$]
100x100 [15$]
and 50x50 [10$]
whether it be for an icon, logo, or just an image to have, Pixel art is always nice.
Some of the example images i used are old, but i still feel they are an example of what i’ve been able to fit within these size restraints.
Obviously 150x150 can have the highest amount of detail and potentially looks the smoothest, but perhaps you dont want things to be too smooth and would like a smaller, more crisp looking pixel image.
[Don’t hesitate to contact me if you are interested or just have questions about it]
You can view most of my pixel art here

I dont think anything else major happened, so that is all. Have a lovely day.


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United States
I wish to share my art with the world and learn how to enhance it.



Skull Kid
One of the 3 characters I want most in Smash Bros Ultimate, the other two being Geno and Octoling. Every time I try to sketch skull kid in the past It hasn't gone well, so its nice to finally finish a picture of him.

haven't posted in a while, i'm more active on twitter these days, but imma try to start posting some of the stuff thats backlogged.
Ruby And Sapphire
Funny story, I'm not dead, i just stopped uploading here for some reason. Uploading feels alot slower on deviantart...

anywho, new steven bomb so i made this
Burrito Dog
A long time ago...I wanted to make something like this and couldn't... but recently I realized I could. Dreams really do come true.


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