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I hate breaks when it comes to creativity :) I took a little break in painting the last weeks as I had to learn for my Physics Diploma. Well I still have to but I want to end this brake ;)

Thank you for your patience! I really expected notes from other deviants, asking if I'm still alive :D I'm so glad there weren't any because that gave me the impression I did not drift away to far from it all!

Today I uploaded an image which I worked on for about 2 months. I painted on it every now and then but because the details needed a lot of patience from my side it took much longer than expected.

Well what is left to be said? I'm glad of being back and it felt like a very long time :D

My newest...

The Bridge by Gate-To-Nowhere

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Ah, I am familiar with those breaks. =P
Anyway, you have a new watcher in me, so thanks for an inspiering gallery! :wave: You are truly talented and I hope you know it by now. :hug: