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Many Thanks for the DD :)

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 14, 2008, 4:50 AM

I did not submit as many new Deviations as I wished recently. Two days ago I was quite happy I finished something again and I could upload it :)

And today... :) Today I got a Daily Deviation on my image The Bridge:

The Bridge by Gate-To-Nowhere

This is such a nice surprise and of course a great encouragement to spend more time on painting again and less on reading physics books ;) Well, ok I really should read those but I guess, my patience to paint suffered a little due to this learning thing. But the next image already exists as a sketch in Photoshop ;)

Many thanks to creativemikey for suggesting The Bridge and to archanN for featuring it :)

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The break is over

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 4, 2008, 12:25 PM

I hate breaks when it comes to creativity :) I took a little break in painting the last weeks as I had to learn for my Physics Diploma. Well I still have to but I want to end this brake ;)

Thank you for your patience! I really expected notes from other deviants, asking if I'm still alive :D I'm so glad there weren't any because that gave me the impression I did not drift away to far from it all!

Today I uploaded an image which I worked on for about 2 months. I painted on it every now and then but because the details needed a lot of patience from my side it took much longer than expected.

Well what is left to be said? I'm glad of being back and it felt like a very long time :D

My newest...

The Bridge by Gate-To-Nowhere

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One year has passed....

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 5, 2008, 8:48 PM

Yes, almost, but there are only 3 days left and tonight I have a little time to write.

One year has passed since I became a Deviant and it was a wonderful year :)

I received so many comments, favs, features and got so many watchers, I simply could not say thanks to every single one of them.

Let me thank you all!! I really appreciate all your feedback! :)


Ok, let's see what happend during this year...

Got my first Daily Deviation for "Forbidden Lands" in October:
Forbidden Lands by Gate-To-Nowhere


My image "Looking Towards Home" won the Science-Fiction Wallpaper Contest. This really was cool, thanks so much to the jury :)
It became Daily Deviation then, I got a one year subscription and a bag from DevWear which I proudly carry through the world now :D

Looking Towards Home by Gate-To-Nowhere


The third Daily Deviation is my image "Sailing The Desert" which by a coincidence happened to become DD on my birthday :D

Sailing The Desert by Gate-To-Nowhere


Some overall statistics...

The image you liked the least(whats wrong with it? :D Did I chose the wrong avatar?):

Empress of the Skies by Gate-To-Nowhere

And the image you liked the most:

Looking Towards Home by Gate-To-Nowhere

My personal favorite:

A Winter Secret by Gate-To-Nowhere

My favorite of my favorites :D (hard to chose they are almost equally fantastic):

Wild Horses v.2 by aspius

So, thanks for more then 20k page views 1k watchers thousands of favs, comments and all your support via features etc! :)

A story of an image

Journal Entry: Tue May 6, 2008, 3:22 PM

Do you know this image?

If not, search google for "sunset at the north pole".

Or have a look at the original image in my Gallery, which is called "Hideaway":

Hideaway by Gate-To-Nowhere

The image is circulating the web as photograph "sunset at the north pole", but actually it is a digital render from my galleries. posted an article about it and "unveiled" it.

That is what the email said which initially spreaded the image on the web:

"A scene you will probably never get to see, so take a moment and enjoy.
This is the sunset at the North Pole with the moon at its closest point.
And, you also see the sun below the moon.
An amazing photo and not one easily duplicated. You may want to pass it on to others. "

In the meantime it had become Astronomy Picture of the Day , was used in a show of a planetarium, was boadcasted on tv, was posted in hundreds of blogs.... etc...

But, nevertheless, this does not stop. Even when seaching on Deviant Art for "Sunset at the North Pole" you'll find some pix. Most of the Deviants got a permission after adding the correct credits and removing prints and I ask you not to blame those :)

Every now and then there is a new "Sunset at the North Pole" on DA, or sold at Zazzle or Ebay etc.

It is an honor to see my image everywhere, but sometimes it isn't. It is something I cannot stop. It would be far more cool, if people would not sell my artwork and would tell the world who created it.

The images name is "Hideaway". It is not meant to show a sunset at the pole and a sunset at the pole would look different. And as the Astronomer in the APOD-article wrote, moon and sun have the same angular size in the sky. There are several more reasons why this cannot be a photograph from Earth.
And I never meant it to be one. It shows another planets ocean and another worlds sky. :)

So, thanks for reading this and have a nice day :)

Finally I submitted prints for all images in this gallery.  ;)

This does not mean, the Zazzle-Gallery is closed and if you see something there that you would like to request as print here, sent me a note and let me know. :)
Yet, there are no prints enabled here, sorry.

But you can get them at zazzle: