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Wheel Of Fire

Done in Photoshop in 7000x4670pxl.

This is my second galaxy. Galxies are beautiful and not easy to do. It took days until if looked like it does now. First I had it in red, but when I changed the color I saw, that blue is more natural to it and makes it look more real.


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Impressive work! I can't stop looking at it
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sooo.. relaxingly magneficent to look at
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I am super-impressed. There's something to be said for actually painting a galaxy, rather than just borrowing a photo of one.
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the fuck? why is this one not daily deviaton?! THIS MUST BE!!!!!!!!!

Really amazing artwork!!!!
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It is more than stunning love it
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Brilliant work, luv...(",)
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Thank you so much! Now I don't have to travel myriads of lightyears to that other planet to see this :D
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Could you make one for 16:9 1920x1080 or 2560x1440? :)
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Thank you for this. Yes it is more than possible for a planet to orbit an antire galaxy, the amazing thing is that could be several hundred billion stars each could likewise have an entire system around it. There could be countless worlds that orbit around an entire galaxy at least a large fraction of the worlds that orbit about a galaxy would not orbit a single star but the entire galaxy. This is amazing anyway.
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This is fantastic! May I feature it in a journal of mine, please?
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Captivating, deep and beautiful :) Wallpapered on desktop hehe
Absolutely beautiful. Your planetscapes are stunning.
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If you look at the center it seems it moves, it's amazing!
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