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July 24, 2008
I was completely confused, when choosing an artwork from *Gate-To-Nowhere's gallery for a feature, but Sailing The Desert is one of her creations which is very special , and one of the masterpieces she has produced. Do checkout her absolutely stunning gallery!
Featured by archanN
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Sailing The Desert

Now something surreal :)

Done in Photoshop and Terragen. I used a terragen-render for the dunes but the most part is done in Photoshop.



Wow, it became DD totay! Thanky so much!! :) That is a nice birthday present too :)
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Great image!  May I ask if I could use it as an album cover on my music page at the wikiloops website, for non-commercial use. That'd be great!

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i really miss this after i got to 2560x1440 resolution...
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The image screams 'the flying dutchman.'
TiltedHalo2015's avatar
Such a beautiful picture
VictorReisSobreira's avatar
dark desert, bright sands, i like it.
DraftHorseTrainer's avatar
This picture reminds me of a scene from the movie: The Adventures of Tin Tin. :D
LordDarkWraith's avatar
Tin tin no I say see the pirates in the carribean worlds end
thankumyvip's avatar
Beautiful, thank for sharing bro...:D (Big Grin) 
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finally found out whose this masterpiece belongs to. this means a lot to me since the first time i saw it. so thank you.. you are great
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A ship in the middle of a desert? Pretty unexpected!
It has a pretty limited amount of color but it doesn't look pale at all. Beautiful work!
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very nice good!
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Your work has been stolen and is being used on the cover of some strange publication: [link] [link]
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Reminds me of pirates of the caribean when Jack sparrow is in the underworld or some such place,,,,,,,
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To me, it reminds that scene from "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen", when the ship is sailling over sands of the moon.
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"Davy Jones' Locker."
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simple colors and minimalistic
but ... what a beautiful effect
great work
(i'm jealous)
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